MC: TV personality Ash Pollard.
MC: TV personality Ash Pollard.

From tuna to the Eiffel Tower

"I JUST had two Tim Tams. Yup. Double coated by the way.”

Celebrity foodie, Ash Pollard is straight off the bat, full of surprises (Kinder Surprises?) and is probably smirking.

"What I cook for myself during the week, it's horrifying. Sometimes it's a can of chilli tuna.”

So what will Ash pull out at her cooking demonstration at Lismore's Eat the Street today?

"Not anything like the chefs. Mine are basic recipes. Literally, like you're in a rush but you don't want to seem like a child, so here, cook this. We are not in France but guess what? We are today. It's going to take you five minutes to make this French dessert and your friends are going to go 'What the?' You won't know if you're at the Eiffel Tower or what.”

She laughs then hesitates: "Do you know what? I think My Kitchen Rules was the perfect example of my ability as a cook. I cooked, I cried, I danced - all of it. Look, I can definitely Instagram and cook.”

Ash is a Sea FM radio superstar who previously rocked MKR, Dancing with the Stars and played for Beyond Blue on I'm a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here! How does such a gorgeously rambunctious personality deal with the limelight and love it so much?

"Everybody has insecurities. Nobody is perfect. For me it's not so much being in the public eye that made me feel uneasy, it was highlighting my flaws that I was already aware of. Especially when people have a go at your image. Like my hair, for instance. I'm a white Australian girl with a big afro which is not necessarily something you see often and sometimes that makes people feel uneasy,” she said.

"I've been called a sheep. I've been called it all. If people are getting stuck into you in the limelight, that's really difficult. But I learnt to deal with that early on. And also because I got bullied, my mum would always just say, 'don't worry, children just always want what they can't have'.

"And as immature as that may sound, carrying that on into my mature years, it works for me. I just get over it and I feel sorry that people actually take time out of their lives to be horrible.

"I guess we all have our insecurities. I never envisioned a path that would end up with a radio show. On the back of International Women's Day, I want to say, whatever you put your heart to, whatever you work hard for, you can achieve.”

Having a huge supportive family, it's no wonder Ash thinks community is crucial.

"It's just important to know that you can count on your next door neighbour, someone down the road, your local mayor even,” she said.

"So much is happening in the world right now. When communities get together and organise events like Eat the Street, it gives you more faith in humanity. It makes you realise that we are here for each other in the end.”

Ash Pollard will be MC at Eat the Street cooking stage today. Check in for her live cooking demonstration is at 5.30pm. Bring your berets.

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