Plenty of “wicked indulgences” are found in Paris’s delis and cafes.
Plenty of “wicked indulgences” are found in Paris’s delis and cafes.

France tempts taste buds

CHRONICLE social writer Ally Martell reports direct from her spectacular summer trip to Paris.

Today, Ally gets a taste of France and all its “wicked indulgences” from baguettes to cookies, crepes, omelettes and quiches.

So much divine food in Paris, but I think I might be addicted to bread and butter!

Not any old bread though — baguette.

What do the French do to their bread to make it so completely divine?

And as for the butter, well, anyone who has grown up with real butter knows the wicked indulgence I'm talking about.

A visit to a French supermarket is an experience in itself.

Mustards, jams and condiments that we buy in delis are regular products here.

The range of cheese is fabulous too, but the smaller fromageries are more fun.

Supermarkets sell alcohol and you can buy a bottle of Mumm for 17Euros or a lovely Veuve Cliquot for 25Euros.

You can even buy wine by the glass.

Feeding the kids has been pretty easy.

They set a goal to eat their way through the local boulangerie and creperie.

With some urging they have also sampled tarte tatins, colourful macarons, quiches and of course brioche.

It has been up to 34C here which means the many ice cream shops (glaces et sorbet) are doing a roaring trade.

Our local sells 20 flavours with a small boule (ball) costing 3Euros.

Paris is overflowing with cafes and their lunch menus really do feature the classics including Salade Nicoise, Croque Monsieur, crepes, omelettes and quiches.

I haven't seen the French actually eating them though.

They seem to sit for ages with a tiny espresso and packet of Gauloise.

I love truffles and am hoping to find some tomorrow on the menu at Chez Denise.

Bon apetite!

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