Four years old, Audrey's already an author

PAPERBACK WRITER: Audrey Pettit and mum Kaylene leaf through four-year-old Audrey's new book.
PAPERBACK WRITER: Audrey Pettit and mum Kaylene leaf through four-year-old Audrey's new book. Scott Kovacevic

WHEN Audrey Pettit starts prep this year, she might be ready to teach her classmates a thing or two about writing.

At four years old, Audrey has already entered the world of publishing with her book I Wonder... Kindy.

An author herself, mum Kaylene Pettit helped assemble and publish the book, which she said was born simply from Audrey's nature.

"She'll just randomly come out with something and just sort of start the story, and I just thought 'I just might write that down'," she said.

Mrs Pettit said I Wonder... Kindy was not written to be sold to the public, but was meant as a gift to Audrey's kindergarten teachers.

"But when the Kindy teachers read it they were like 'oh my God, now you've got to show everyone'," she laughed.

It did not take long for feedback to start rolling in once family and friends bought the book.

"People really liked it... she does quite often tell random people random stories," Mrs Pettit said.

"They thought it was really cool that she actually had a coherent story," she said.


Four-year-old Audrey Pettit with her book I Wonder... Kindy.
Four-year-old Audrey Pettit with her book I Wonder... Kindy. Contributed

While Mrs Pettit helped on the book, she said it did not need much polishing before she published it through self-publishing website

It was the same site used to publish her own work, a short story, Crash, and two young adult fiction stories.

Unlike her daughter, though, she had waited much longer before taking hers to press.

"I've been writing for about seven year, but I've only just published my books in the last year and a bit," she said.

"I have always wanted to do it, but I've never let anybody read them.

"They sat there for six years, unread."

It was only when she undertook a program of setting goals for 100 days that she decided to open them up to others.

She was soon surprised by the response.

"It was amazing that everybody started reading it, and then started loving it, and people were downloading it on Amazon," she said.

Mrs Pettit helped choose the pictures for I Wonder... Kindy, but said Audrey planned to illustrate the next book herself.

In fact, Audrey said she already had an idea for what would come next.

"I went to the museum for my birthday with all the dinosaurs," Audrey said.

"I like all of them."

And once she'd written about dinosaurs?

"We're going to write a motorbike one."

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