The comedian is bringing his latest show, Drinking With a Fork.
The comedian is bringing his latest show, Drinking With a Fork.

Carl Barron's sixth show announced for Lismore

Update Monday 10.40am: COMEDIAN Carl Barron has sold out a record of five shows at Lismore City Hall in July and August, and the sixth and final Lismore show will go on sale later today.

With a capacity of just over 500 people, Lismore City Hall has allocated seats for over 2,500 people to see the Queensland comedian.

The pressure for tickets was so high in Lismore that promoter Artie Laing decided to offer a gig in Grafton too.

Barron, 51, sold out two 900-seat shows in Grafton in 90 minutes each, with tickets for a final third gig also going out for sale in Grafton today.

Carl Barron is currently enjoying a holiday in Asia, before coming back to Australia to promote his latest movie, Manny Lewis, being released on DVD.

Mr Laing was not completely sure the reason for such demand for tickets in the Northern Rivers.

"He tours each show for a couple of years, and then he takes a year to write the next one, so maybe people only get to see him live only every four years," he said.

"The last time Carl performed in Lismore was in December 2010 and then he did four shows.

"People love his style. He is the highest selling DVD comedian in the stand-up comedy genre in Australia in the retail environment," Mr Laing said.

Carl Barron's sixth and final show in Lismore will be held on Thursday, August 6, at Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty St, Lismore.

Click here to check this and other shows at the Lismore City Hall.

ORIGINAL STORY: Comedian Carl Barron is a favourite among Northern Rivers audiences.

Barron, 51, has sold out four shows at the Lismore City Hall auditorium and his fifth gig is already half way sold, according to Lismore City Hall sources.

Labelled 'the king of observational humour' and with one of the broadest Australian accents on stage, the Queenslander is bringing to Lismore his latest show, Drinking With a Fork.

Originally booked to be a one-night gig on Thursday, July 23, the show has already sold out Friday and Saturday, July 24 and 25.

Tuesday, August 4 is already booked out, and tickets to a show on Wednesday, August 5 is currently on sale.

For details visit the Lismore City Hall website.

If you have booked tickets to Carl Barron's shows, let us know why do you think his show has generated so much interest in the comments below.

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