Sentencing of former Woodlawn teacher adjourned

UPDATE 1.33pm: THE sentencing of former St Johns Woodlawn teacher Richard O'Connor will be adjourned until next week.

After spending more than a year in custody, O'Connor appeared in Lismore District Court via video link from Sydney's Silverwater jail.

He faced 41 charges in relation to offences involving 10 victims.

Two former Woodlawn students who were sexually abused by O'Connor read heart-wrenching victim impact statements detailing the severe impact the abuse has had on their lives.

One victim described O'Connor as a "paedophile and a parasite", while the other victim described the abuse as a "nightmare he never wakes from".

Judge L Wells told the court before the lunch adjournment she would delay sentencing O'Connor's sentencing due to the amount of paperwork submitted and the historic nature of the offences.

A date for sentencing will be set at 2pm.


INITIAL REPORT: FORMER St Johns College Woodlawn teacher Richard O'Connor is due to be sentenced over child sex related charges in Lismore District Court today.

In April 2014, police began investigating claims that 10 former college students had been sexually assaulted by a teacher during their time at Woodlawn.

Investigations by police led to O'Connor being arrested at his home in Dibb St, East Lismore, on June 4, 2014.

He initially faced 36 charges relating to alleged offences against 10 victims between 1978 and 1989.

In September last year an additional 13 charges were laid, then at Lismore Local Court on May 19 police said they had added another six charges.

O'Connor was accused of having non-consensual sex with some victims, inciting some to masturbate in front of him and inciting some to touch his penis.

The 75-year-old, who was previously refused bail, has been in custody since earlier this year.

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