Former cop accused of assault failed to keep record of event

A FORMER police officer, accused of bashing a young Aboriginal man in the Ballina watchhouse, failed to record any details of night's events in his duty book, the Police Integrity Commission has heard.

Luke Mewing, who remains employed by NSW Police but no longer works as a an officer, was the first police witness to take the stand in the hearing over the alleged attack on Corey Barker in January, 2011.

Mr Mewing told the hearing he was called out to a domestic disturbance at Tamar St where officers required "a caged truck at the scene".

He said he did not remember what he saw when he arrived but that a copy of a transcript from previous court proceedings, provided to him by his barrister last week, suggested Mr Barker was handcuffed at the time.

The commission has already heard that Mr Barker was taken into custody some time between 10.30-11pm and that at some later point he was involved in a violent struggle with police, including Mr Mewing, which was captured on CCTV footage.

Copies of entries made in Mr Mewing's duty book earlier the day in question, were shown in court yesterday.

Mr Mewing was unable to explain what his notes were referring to but explained that the numbers written down the side of the pages were "event numbers" which, when looked up on the system, would provide corresponding information.

Counsel assisting the commissioner asked Mr Mewing to explain why no notes, or event numbers, were recorded in his duty book between 6pm and 1am but that several references were made before and after that time period.

He also asked what Mr Mewing's "guiding principles" as a NSW police officer were, when deciding, what to record and what not to.

Mr Mewing simply said "sometimes I just make them and sometimes I don't".

He said he believed he had been busy "doing stuff" on the night.

Earlier in the day Mr Barker's mother Angelique said that her son had begged her not to leave him alone with police when she went to see him at the watchhouse on the night he was arrested.

The commission was also shown video footage of Mr Barker assaulting another male at a shopping centre at an earlier date.

He told the hearing the attack was fuelled by jealously as the victim had apparently attempted to "steal" his girlfriend.

Asked if he acknowledged that his actions on that day and on the night he was in the Ballina watchhouse, were consistent with a pattern of behaviour where he would lose his temper easily and become, frustrated, angry and violent, Mr Barker replied "yes".

The hearing continues.

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