MEETING: Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith at tonight's council meeting.
MEETING: Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith at tonight's council meeting.

Forget extinction rebellion, try rate rebellion

Has there ever been a more arrogant, profligate and irresponsible Lismore Council?

This one that has just chosen to totally ignore the majority results of every consultation and press ahead with its own agenda to massively increase your rates?

On the council website where first views were sought there are still three lengthy pages of replies and not a single one is in favour of a rate raise. The second consultation went no better for the Council.

I, like many, then took part in a ponderously worded (and no doubt expensive) telephone survey.

Subsequent to that, I was asked to attend a meeting with about forty others to garner further views. Here we were immediately and most imperiously informed by a Council Representative that “this would NOT be a meeting where we could ask questions, nor would Council be providing any answers”.

After delivering this gag speech, she promptly left us to the ministrations of a Consultancy Firm, again hired at great expense, using your ratepayer’s funds of course.

The format itself was so obviously structured in an effort to force participants into providing some positive feedback, however I can report that if the Council was hoping to gather any support for its plan, it failed miserably. The mood of the meeting turned more than a little ugly and the responses gathered were very negative by a vast majority.

So in view of almost all the responses received in this very extended “consultation” being firmly AGAINST any rate rise, I challenge this elected Lismore Council to actually explain how they could then make the decision to plough on regardless with their determined agenda of raising our rates?

The Mayor is quoted as saying “it was a difficult decision”. Of course it was! He and his fellow councillors had to completely ignore just about everything their own very lengthy and no doubt very expensive so-called “consultancy” had produced!

It’s now plain that this extravagantly over-staffed council has a complete and utter disregard for the ratepayers and is absolutely determined to hit them shamelessly in order to fund its own demonstrable profligacy.

Forget “Extinction Rebellion”, it’s time for “Rate Rebellion”.

It seems useless to take part in any further discussions with this ego maniacal pack. They will ignore you again as they have just done. Petition must be made for their immediate removal and subsequent replacement by administrators.

Should this high-handed action by council be allowed to proceed, there will be extremely serious and detrimental financial consequences for all of us.

- B. Parker


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