Forfeits take the heat off

LISMORE Touch resumed on Monday and some teams were unable to raise enough players, having to forfeit the points.

Teams that forfeit must notify the committee early so opposing teams can be contacted.

Mixed games started in the heat, but the evening cooled offto allow some good games to be played.

Eagle Boys, Mick Sawtell Magic, Fastways and Touch of Class gained easy points from forfeits, while Lats Rat Pack struggled with only six players to lose to Shabiby.

Me and Me Mates beat CA Autos, Maccas Mixed were too good for a depleted B and B Produce, Gumps defeated Casino RSM and Without A Name pipped Ringerangdos.

AJM Air-Conditioning beat Commbank, TNR and Blue Hills College had a draw, while Easties, Suncorp B and Tommo’s Titans all recorded wins.

In the masters division there were also three forfeits, so Workers Blue, Irwins and Untouchables came away with the points. A social game was played between Blue and Untouchables, while Workers Red and Bolt Barn combined to give Irwins a run.

The men’s open division had two games, with Team Discovery Channel too good for Up and Coming, while Gettin’ Trim had a convincing win over Hungry Jacks. Coastal Graphics forfeited to East Lismore Bowlo.

Hopefully there will be a full complement of games next Monday when most people are backat work.

The junior competition will resume on Monday. There will be four more rounds, with presentation night on February 22.

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