Byron man, Nathan Kaye.
Byron man, Nathan Kaye. The Northern Star

Forced to flee the Bali Mafia

A MURDER threat, a run-in with the Mafia and a high-speed motorcycle chase.

It sounds like the stuff Hollywood thrillers are made of, but for Byron Bay musician Nathan Kaye it was an all-too-real experience.

Mr Kaye was caught up in the dramatic turn of events during a recent extended stay in Bali.

He had been playing gigs at a well-known venue in Kuta when he became involved in a dispute over payment with the owners.

Mr Kaye said he 'made a fuss' in the club one afternoon, demanding to be paid what was owed to him.

When he left to cool off in the car park, a friend warned him the owners were involved in the 'Bali Mafia'.

On hearing the details, Mr Kaye hightailed it on a motorcycle.

He said he was then pursued and eventually crashed his bike at a speed in excess of 90km/h, wearing only a singlet.

“I was very lucky, it could have been far worse. It was just my bare skin sliding on the road because my foot was stuck under the bike. I pulled it out and rolled, then my neck smacked up against a tree without breaking anything,” he said.

“Luckily there was a gap in oncoming traffic or it could have easily been fatal.”

As Mr Kaye recovered from his injuries in hospital, and later at a friend's house, he received threatening phone calls, including a threat to stab him.

His $3000 guitar was also smashed.

“That's what hurt more than anything,” he said.

But despite it all, Mr Kaye plans to return to Bali in February.

“There are a lot of beautiful people in Bali and I'm not going to let a few of them ruin my experience with the place. I'll hire bodyguards if I have to,” he said.

Mr Kaye views the episode as just another wild experience in the life of a travelling musician.

“My life often feels like I'm playing some adventurous character from a film, only it's really happening.”

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