Footing the bill for carbon emissions

MANY Northern Rivers residents will be choking over their cornflakes this morning as they read they may not be as green as their city cousins.

But new research from The International Institute of Environment and Development, released this week, has found the average city dweller is responsible for far fewer emissions than regional Australians.

When you look at the facts the argument is a sound one.

Transport and energy consumption in our rural homes are the biggest culprits in country areas.

Add to that the costs of transport for our food and lifestyle goods, and the picture

becomes a lot clearer.

The environmental costs of shipping food and goods all over Australia to service regional areas are very high.

It looks like we will have to become a lot smarter about our energy consumption than just putting a solar hot water system on our roofs and shopping at farmers markets.

The research shows our wide open spaces and large homes consume a lot more energy than a city flat.

Our lack of public transport is another problem we need to solve sooner than later.

In regional areas our constant reliance on cars to get anywhere is costing the environment dearly.

Over the next decade our boot size carbon footprint could hurt us in the hip pocket with the cost of carbon emissions rising dramatically in rural areas.

When compared with the daintier stiletto of our city counterparts, regional Australians may have to start footing the bill for their high carbon emissions in the future.

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