The Foos arresting set

Two guitarists, bass, drums and keyboard, but the latter is only on two songs Dave Grohl assures us.

It doesn't sound like much, but when it's the Foo Fighters - for two and a half hours - there's nothing quite like it.

Fourteen years into their career the American rockers are selling out stadiums, including the Gold Coast's Metricon Stadium on Saturday.

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The sound of 35,000 people singing along to hits from the band's seven albums, including opener All My Life, ever popular Monkey Wrench and This Is A Call were as thunderous as Taylor Hawkins's drum roll.

After three songs Grohl's black shirt was soaked through, so it was surprising to see two hours later the frontman and guitarist was still going strong.

Running from one end of the stage to the next then out to the mixing tent and beyond (yes, the platform actually went through the mixing tent).

Other than the screens showing close-ups of band members there weren't a lot of visual elements to the performance.
But with so many songs (23 including the six played in the encore) there was always something drawing in the crowd's attention.

Grohl lapped up every second on stage, talking up how long they would perform and sticking to it.

Seventeen songs in, they left stage only to appear via video to encourage the crowd's applause.

Hawkins and Grohl really are the life-blood of the band and they carry their antics through everything they do. At the end of their backstage comedy routine the crowd were promised a six-song encore.

An acoustic Wheels dedicated to the police officer who arrested Grohl for drink-driving (on a scooter) while on the Big Day Out tour 10 years ago.

He lapped up the applause and laughter after telling his semi-rock'n'roll tale, which is only marred by the fact he was riding a scooter.

Even if everyone had heard the story before, it didn't stop them laughing.

Times Like These, Generator, a cover of Queen's Tie Your Mother Down and the apt Everlong finished off the set.


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