Wes Carr follows in George Harrison's footsteps

IN HERE Comes The Sun, singer Wes Carr interprets George Harrison's songbook, taking on such chart topping classics as My Sweet Lord and What is Life, plus The Beatles' classic Something.

Here Comes The Sun allows Carr to share intimate tales and anecdotes from Harrison himself, not only showcasing the depth of Harrison's music but looking "within and without" on a spiritual journey.

The connection with Harrison has played a significant role in Carr's life.

"If it wasn't for George, I wouldn't have started transcendental meditation five years ago," he said.

"The practice played a large part in my recovery from depression.

"To me, George was a spiritual leader in his own way, as he was a guiding light for so many".

Carr explained that as The Beatles were falling apart and breaking up, Harrison was finding himself through his many personal voyages around the world, mainly to India.

"I believe he became a vessel to expose the world to ancient traditions, spiritual practices and musical sensibilities that Westerners may not have come across otherwise," he said.

Carr said this show was the result of a long process of researching and discovering Harrison as a musician and as a person.

"As a musician, I have always been a Beatles fan, and a big John Lennon fan, so when it came around to doing something like this, George Harrison was the only one that I aligned myself with, personally," he said.

"A lot of his beliefs are aligned with the way I see the world too.

"The show doesn't have a script, it's just me the recounting his memoirs."

Carr said playing Harrison's songs felt different to any other music experience he's had with other people's tunes.

"When I perform this show I get a sense that these songs really have a lot of power in them," he said.


At the Pig House Flicks, Byron Bay Brewery, today from 8.30pm.


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