Flow Hive team launches new venture

POLLINATOR HOUSE: Flow Hive's new product, the .
POLLINATOR HOUSE: Flow Hive's new product, the .

THE father-son team behind Flow Hive has released a new product for solitary bees and other pollinating insects on the brink of extinction - the pollinator house.

According to the UN, native bees and butterflies are facing dire threats from habitat loss and pesticide use. Up to 37 per cent of species globally have declined, and 9 per cent face extinction.

With a pollinator house, almost anyone can provide pollinating insects on their patch of the planet with a warm, dry place to call home.

Crafted from sustainably-sourced bamboo and upcycled off-cuts of the FPSC-certified western red cedar used in the construction of the Flow Hive, all profits from the sale of pollinator houses will go to habitat protection and regeneration projects.

"I was in the factory looking at a pile of Flow Hive off-cuts and I thought, 'how can we reuse these and upcycle our waste?'” Flow Hive co-inventor Cedar Anderson said.

"So we re-cut the disused pieces and turned it into this beautiful western red cedar pollinator house for solitary bees to come and raise their young.

"In creating (the) habitat we give these pollinators stepping stones through the urban landscape, building corridors between our wild spaces.

"If we can give them enough homes we can bring back some of these important species from the brink of extinction.”

With the Flow Hive logo and the distinctive gabled roof of the Flow Hive Classic, these homes for pollinators are roughly the size of a toaster and can be installed pretty much anywhere.

Each is a unique collector's item and are now available for $79.95. Visit the shop at to order.

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