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Why these inventors topped our most influential list

FLOW HIVE creators Cedar and Stu Anderson thanked the Northern Rivers and the global bee-keeping communities for their top spot at The Northern Star's 70 of the Northern Rivers Most Influential list for 2018.

Cedar Anderson said he never expected the project to make him into a highly influential person in the area.

"I come from a grass-roots background from being in a community, as a lot of the people in our organisation do, so it's a bit of a pat on the back to say" 'hey, from the forests of the The Northern Rivers we do have amazing people and an amazing ability to bring the ethics and views we value and share to the world, to have a net positive impact'," he said.

"I thought (the project) could change bee-keeping and the beginning, but I have been amazingly surprised by the support from our local communities, from the world-wide broad community of people interested in keeping bees, and in doing so, caring for the natural world we all depend on.

"I thank The Northern Star for being so supportive over our crowd-funding time and beyond."

Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick, said the local business topped the ranking because "their business has been a runaway success and broken all sorts of records along the way."

Cedar Anderson said Flow Hive now has grown to employ 40 people on the Northern Rivers and two people (one of them his sister) overseas, in Ireland and Germany.

"My sister works in Berlin, but she is a Byron Steiner kid," he said.

Anderson also said part of manufacturing of the Flow Hives is now being done on Northern Rivers.

"We are still also manufacturing in Brisbane, but most of manufacturing is all done in Australia and it's quite local," he said.

The designer and inventor said their biggest sales have come from the US, closely followed by Australia.

"Our original crowd funding campaign pre-sold 20,000 Flow Hives in the first eight weeks, which was frightening but also very exciting," he said.

"Since then, over the last three end a half years, we are now just over 50,000 Flow Hives to 130 different countries."

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