SWEPT AWAY: A late model Subaru and its trailer being pulled from the water at Main Arm.Blainey Woodham
SWEPT AWAY: A late model Subaru and its trailer being pulled from the water at Main Arm.Blainey Woodham

Flooded roads draw some in

EVERY flood it's the same message - don't drive, walk or ride through flood water.

But despite it being vigorously and repeatedly pushed by the State Emergency Service (SES), the volunteer organisation still carried out almost 30 flood rescues across the region during this week's floods.

A majority of those rescues occurred in the 24 hours up until Thursday morning.

The consequences of defying this warning were on public display in Main Arm yesterday after flood waters subsided to reveal a car lodged between two trees.

A 2009 Subaru 4WD was swept off Main Arm Rd by raging flood waters on Tuesday morning after the driver attempted to cross a flooded causeway.

The rapids picked up the car like a toy and carried it 100m downstream.

The 4WD lodged between two trees at 45 degrees, severely damaged but with its trailer still attached.

A small crowd gathered yesterday to watch a tow truck drag the vehicle onto its tilt tray.

"This is one of the more challenging ones," Jim Hedditch of JV Towing said.

The driver of the vehicle managed to escape the car before it was dragged away by flood waters.

Up until 5pm yesterday, the SES had responded to 28 flood rescues in the Richmond Tweed area since the floods started this week.

One was a woman who had to be rescued from the roof of her car after she drove into flood water at Goolmangar on Wednesday night.

Shortly after, the Lismore SES unit went to the aid of three people who were stuck in their car in flood water at Corndale.

Richmond Tweed SES media officer Heidi Groom said almost 30 rescues in a short time was quite high.

"Considering most were within 24 hours and there had to be nearly 30 rescues, that is quite extensive," she said.

"It's the case some times of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But a lot of the time it's because people have taken a risk that could have been avoided.

"People need to take the warnings seriously. A lot of people are driving through flood water and taking risks that are unnecessary."

The rain eased around the region yesterday, serving a reprieve to the swollen river systems.

A flood warning remained in place for the Brunswick, Wilson and Richmond Rivers yesterday.

The SES will focus on Coraki, which should expect minor to moderate flooding, today as water moves downstream.

"Most of the areas are going down but much of it depends on the amount of rain that might fall over the weekend," Ms Groom said.

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