Five other close encounters with sharks

FOLLOWING the incredible video that has gone viral overnight of a shark swimming underneath unaware surfers on the Byron coast, we take a look at five other close encounters with sharks from around the world.

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Julian Rocks, Byron Bay

Robbie Graham was fishing alone close to the Byron landmark in March 2015, reeling in a tuna when the unthinkable happened: A shark came launching into the side of the boat and knocked him off his feet into the water.

The shark struck the back end of the boat, propelling it forward and Mr Graham - who was standing, rod in hand and almost directly above the shark - was sent backwards into the ocean.

Despite copping some heavy bruising to his ribs in the fall overboard, he got out of the water "real quick", Mr Graham's friend, Hoss McGrath said.

Belongil Beach, Byron Bay

Byron Bay Surf Club veteran, Arthur "Woody" Vidgen, had an encounter with a shark while paddling his surf ski off Belongil Beach in June 2015.

The Point, Lennox Head

Surfer Michael Hoile found himself in the water next to the great white shark that had just knocked him off his board in July 2015.

"I don't remember the exact direction I fell, but I do know that I was looking towards the beach to retrieve my surfboard with the shark right next to me," he said.

"(I) tried to get on my surf board as quick as possible and get to the beach."

Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay

Curran See and Harris Lake, both 18, were waiting for a set at Sharpes Beach in July this year when they were both attacked by an aggressive white shark.

Mr See said: "We were both sitting out there on our boards when it went for my leg. It missed and cut through my leg rope."

He said while turning back to finish off the job on his leg, the great white knocked his mate Harry off his board and dumped him.

"Harry said he saw the shark up close when he went under. It was definitely a great white," Mr See said.

"It was about as long as a sedan and about as wide as a skateboard."

Mick Fanning in South Africa

Not a local incident, but former Le-Ba surfer turned world champion Mick Fanning's famous run-in with a shark at a World Surf League competition in South Africa made headlines.

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