Five Northern Rivers places that DO cater for vegans

IN the wake of the our recent experience with a local restaurant, when our workplace was told to go someplace else when it was revealed that one of our party of 20 was a vegan (Sorry, that's me), it was suggested in our office that I create a list of my favourite places on the Northern Rivers that DO cater to vegans.

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So here you have it: Here are five restaurants, five cafes, and five takeaway options that DO cater for us 'dreaded vegans' on the Northern Rivers.

Oh, did I mention today is World Vegan Day?

Thanks for the festive spirit, aforementioned restaurant-who-will-remain-unnamed.

Also, since we got booted from said anti-vegan restaurant we have been inundated with offers for Friday night and we'd humbly like to thank those kind people who offered to save the day: Black Sombrero, La Vida, The Channon Buttery Tavern, Mt Warning Tours and Forest Glen Organic Farm - We are just deciding where to go.


20,000 Cows

With such a funky, laid-back feel, this is my pick for a dinner with my girlfriends - we go here, order a couple of different curries and other dishes and share them around - and then order dessert too! The philosophy behind this eatery also really inspires me.

Banzai Japanese Restaurant

I'm a huge fan of Banzai, have been for years (even before I was vegan). The amount of (absolutely delicious) vegan sushi or main dishes this Lismore restaurant have on their menu is awesome - plus, the ladies who work there are super sweet (I literally go there so much they know me by first name, and what I order for takeaway!).

Tommy's Tavern

So, obviously not a vegan restaurant (They do a mean chicken burger and steak, a note for you meat-eaters!), but man are they accommodating!

The last time I went there, I didn't want to be difficult, so I simply asked the waitress if I could get the chicken burger, but no chicken, just salad on the bun.

Next thing I knew, the chef personally came to my table to ask if I'd like him to whip up a veggie pasta for me - saying that it was absolutely no trouble, he can make anything for me, just any time I come in to just ask for something vegan and he'd do it.

One of the best dining experiences I've ever had. Hats off to that incredibly accommodating chef.

Fire in the Belly

Not only can you get scrumptious dine-in vegan meals and pizzas at this beloved Lismore restaurant, you can also grab them takeway!

La Vida

If you're celebrating a special occasion, La Vida is a wonderful, atmospheric place to dine - and yes, they have options for vegans too.


The Belle General/The Belle Central

With so many yummy delights (That are also totally Instagram-worthy), The Belle General in Ballina, and now their secondary CBD location The Belle Central, is one of my favourite places for a weekend hangout.

Flock Espresso and Eats

Oh. My. God. Flock!

When I'm in need of something to soothe my (epic) sweet tooth, I head straight to Flock in Lismore, where I can be sedated with delicious vegan cakes, cookies, donuts, slices, wraps, meals, and much more.

In fact, just thinking about it, my mouth is starting to water...

Raw Cakes by Coco

I die for Raw Cakes by Coco's treats. Follow their Facebook and Instagram to find out which cafes or stores you can find their indescribably delicious cakes at, and which market they'll be at next.

You won't regret it!

Naked Treaties

I don't get to Byron often, but I have sampled some of Naked Treaties delicacies before, and I froth over their Instagram feed daily. So it has to make the list.

Keen on Green

With an extensive menu of food options, as well as their classic smoothies and juices, you'll find plenty of options for your palate at this Lismore café.

Takeaway options

Mr Mozzarella

I'm a massive pizza fan. It was actually one of the things I found hard to part with when going vegan. However, when Mr Mozzarella opened in Lismore, my life once again found a light. Here you can find delicious pizzas with vegan cheese, 'beef', 'bacon' and 'pepperoni'. Yummo!

Kebab shop

Who doesn't love a classic kebab? Whack some falafel on there with salad and hummus and voila, a tasty vegan dish.


Yep, you can even get a vegan feed at Maccas.

Their fries are cooked in a sunflower oil blend, and their loaded fries with salsa and guacamole are listed as free from animal products.


So many different dishes can be found on any Thai takeaway menu that are animal-product free (Just check that the curries are made with coconut milk).


India is a country that is very accommodating to vegetarians. In 2007, UN statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. Most restaurants in India clearly distinguish and market themselves as being either "non-vegetarian" or "vegetarian", so it's no surprise that Indian restaurants and takeaways around the world are a haven for vegetarians. Just watch out for ingredients like paneer (cheese).

*Note: I'm aware there are so many wonderful places on the Northern Rivers that cater to vegans - this is purely just a list of places I frequent or have dined at before. I'm looking forward to eating my way through ALL of the vegan options on the Northern Rivers, don't fret! For a complete(r) listing, visit

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