Ian Hawker.
Ian Hawker.

Temper fit lands naked man in jail

NAKED, covered in blood and angry, Ian Hawker proved to be more than a handful for Lismore police officers who had to use capsicum spray to calm and arrest him outside his Hunter Street home.

Hawker, 47, a repairman now living in Alstonville, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court to assaulting a police officer at 12.45am on September 20 last year; and behaving in an offensive manner.

He was also charged with assault causing bodily harm to a man he kicked and punched in his street later that same night.

In a statement before the court, Senior Constable John Koina said Hawker was outside his house, naked, holding his arms in the air with a bleeding face and blood over other parts of his body yelling at police, ‘ranting and raving’.

When police yelled out for him to stop and go and put some clothes on, the naked Hawker pushed the officer.

He was sprayed with capsicum spray and told to lie on the ground but continued to yell and swear at police before being forcibly pushed to the ground where he continued to struggle.

The officer had to hit him with a police issue torch to subdue him before handcuffing him.

Later that night, after being released from the police station, Hawker was returning home when he assaulted a man near his home who had been arguing with a group of people.

Hawker acknowledged to magistrate Robyn Denes he had a problem with anger that he would now do something about.

In a separate offence Hawker pleaded guilty to destroying property on January 17 after smashing his former girlfriend’s pink mobile phone in a fit of temper when he threw it and it broke into two pieces.

He also pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer, and intimidating police on January 19, after threatening a police officer with: ‘I’ll murder you, you c..t. I’ll kill you, you c..t. I’ll f...ing follow you home.

Ms Denes said it was unclear if Hawker knew the man he attacked but he had kicked him after the man was knocked to the ground.

“My view when people are down and on the ground and someone is kicking them then they (attacker) should go in (jail),” Ms Denes said.

“I agree,” a sheepish Hawker replied.

Hawker described his threats to the police officer as ‘totally silly’.

Ms Denes said police were on the front line just doing their jobs, and it did not entitle people to threaten them or their families.

She sentenced Hawker to nine months’ jail with a non-parole period of five months to be served by way of periodic detention in Grafton Jail from May 22.

He was also placed on a two-year good behaviour bond to be supervised by Probation and Parole.

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