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Fit mum's household workouts with kids

MEET Dana Landgren. 

The 26-year-old Sunshine Coast personal trainer has become an internet sensation for her creative workouts around the house.

A mother of one, Ms Landgren helps other mothers get their post-baby strength back with "exercises new mothers can do without wetting their pants", the Daily Mail reports.

"I was following all these accounts after pregnancy and noticed all of these workouts designed that revolved around high intensity interval workouts and all those sorts of things... so I wanted to put together pregnancy and postpartum options for women," Ms Landgren said.

The workouts, shared on her website and blog Active With D, involve a lot of stretching. They are low impact, designed specifically for women and are pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti friendly.

They also allow for women to include their kids.

"I do all of my workouts with my son... it's important for mothers to let go of the idea that they need their own time to workout. A lot of women think this. It's very easy to include your kids!

"Things like chasing them while doing lunges or playing peekaboo while doing pushups are all things that make it easier. Plus you're also being a positive role model for them and showing them the importance of being active... and you're bonding and becoming closer!


"Being a mother doesn't have a pause button. It's not a matter of babysitting for an hour here or there, it is a full time job. You're responsible for a life, for their health, wellbeing and happiness," Ms Landgren said.

Sixteen months ago, Ms Landgren gave birth to her first child, Rex. At the same time she also started her Instagram account @activewithd. On it she shares workout pics and videos with her 41,000 followers.

On Tuesday, she shared a photo of herself stretching in the kitchen while cooking dinner.

On it she wrote: "Kid, this is the sort of stuff you can do when you're an adult and have your own kitchen. Mid cooking, 'mum can you take a photo' haha. #keepingthingsspontaneous." 


Also a university student, Ms Landgren recently shared a video of herself exercising while studying, calling it her  "lazy uni student workout".

Ms Landgren believes in mothers following their own journeys after pregnancy and that looks shouldn't factor in to their desire to workout.

"Prior to falling pregnant I thought I wanted to be a pilot but my heart is now with you all. Motherhood is such a special badge of honour and I want to help as many mothers through their special journey as I can."

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