Fire damages iconic Magic Mountain rollercoaster

Old Colossus Roller Coaster at Magic Mountain has been damaged by fire. Pic: Twitter/@RonLPitt.
Old Colossus Roller Coaster at Magic Mountain has been damaged by fire. Pic: Twitter/@RonLPitt.

A BLAZE  has damaged the iconic Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain,  three weeks after the ride closed for renovation.

Photos posted to Twitter showed a column of smoke appearing to rise from a high point on the ride.

An elevated portion of the roller coaster's wooden track was charred black, KTLA5 News reported.

As planks began to fall to the ground below, part of the track completely collapsed.

Several fire engines were on scene and firefighters were dousing the flames.

The park was closed Monday.

The wooden coaster ceased operating in mid-August after 36 years. It was set to be replaced by a hybrid ride called "Twisted Colossus."


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