This could be the weekend surfers have been waiting for

WELL it has been a long time coming and there's no guarantee, but this might just be the weekend we've all been waiting for.

The planets are in alignment so to speak, and it's all been pointing towards Saturday as being the peak.

If this swell hits at even half the size it's forecast, it might be a valid idea to relegate the Groms to camera duties only.

Of course, keep in mind that there's a massive spanner in the works in the form of a huge high pressure cruising across the continent.

But this time, my money is on the high arriving too late to do the damage.

Sure it'll swat the low away, we'll get little more from this than a couple of days.

Yet those couple of days could generate some fairly serious waves.

Let's put this in perspective. At the low end of the scale we may only see a couple metres of straight south swell with a (12sec) wave period.

At the extreme end there is a possibility of five to six metres of east to southeast swell with a (18sec) wave period.

In reality I suspect we'll see a pulse from the southeast around 2.5-3.5m at (15-16secs) that will most likely back off a little during the day with a swing in swell direction to the straight south.

By Sunday things should be settling down again into a steading abating pattern starting the day at 2-3m at (13-15secs and winding up in the evening at a tidy 2m at (10-12secs) by Monday chances are there'll be little sign that it had ever happened.

Other than some possible erosion and a bunch people lazing around in the car park telling tall tales about how deep they were pulling in.

The wind most of this weekend will be strong W/SW to S/SW 15-25kts all weekend.

Regardless of how big this one may or may not get, keep this in mind. It was full moon only a week ago, we still have fairly big tides.

There will be a lot of water moving around on Saturday morning, so currents and solid rips are a reality.

But most of all, it's been a really long time since we've seen anything bigger than a couple of metres around here.

This means even if you think you're charger, if you haven't travelled for a while, you are out of practice.

Nobody else out there really wants to have to rescue someone who's just being stupid.

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