Loren Kate finds the light in her personal story

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN singer songwriter Loren Kate is a young troubadour who tells personal stories through her songs.

Til Night Meets the Sun is the name of her latest EP, which Loren Kate says is full of her own stories.

Family stories

"The themes change; there are songs about my childhood, and others about the relationship between my mum and my dad," she said.

"There are stories of my anxiety that came when I turned 30, so there seems to be this storytelling of dark themes but they seem to show how to find the light through the darkness."

When You Leave is the name of her latest single from that EP, a heartfelt folk country tune with a warm Australiana feel.

Initimate storytelling

Written for Kate's late partner, who died two years ago, the generous and intimate storytelling in just four minutes portrays a sense of the pain and loss, and the depth of friendship and love between the two.

"He was a dear friend and a big teacher in my life," she said.

"On the way to the hospital to say my last goodbye, this song started writing itself.

"I was trying to find the words to say, but what can you say to someone who's about to pass away?

"I just wanted him to feel my love, and take it with him."

Song helps in time of loss

She agreed the song had helped her deal with her loss.

"It's almost like therapy for me, I had to write and sing about it," she said.

"People deal with grief in many different ways.

"I've had so many people come to me after the end of my gigs, bawling their eyes out, to tell me that's just what they needed to hear. It's pretty special."

More information

Loren is performing at St Martin's Hall tomorrow from 7.30pm and Saturday at 6.15pm in the same location and the Drill Hall on Sunday, 4.30pm.

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