GetUp, Lock the Gate highlight power retailers using CSG

WANT to know which electricity retails support the CSG industry - and which don't?

For starters, if you don't like CSG, don't buy your electricity from AGL.

The big electricity retailer might be building Australia's biggest solar farm in western NSW, but its commitment to CSG projects in Gloucester and Camden make it a big target for anti-CSG movement.

UPDATE: GetUp, Lock the Gate earning commissions from anti-CSG campaign

Then there's Origin, one of the three big players in the CSG-rich Surat Basin on the Darling Downs - home to the biggest CSG projects in the country destined to be shipped to Asia via the huge Gladstone liquefied natural gas conversion plants.

Another big retailer Energy Australia is partner with heritage Australian gas giant Santos in the controversial Narrabri project in the Pilliga State Forest.

These three companies are probably the biggest domestic energy retailers in the state, and they're all connected to the CSG industry.

Now Lock the Gate has launched a campaign that could bring terror to the boardrooms of those retailers with "dirty hands" in coal-seam gas.

In partnership with GetUp, their Better Power campaign is encouraging locals to switch from electricity retailers associated with the coal-seam gas industry to those which use green energy and carbon offset schemes.

The campaign was launched in Lismore today.

"Switching away from those companies and moving to ones that invest in renewables is a great way to put your money where your mouth is," Lock the Gate regional coordinator Elly Bird said.

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"We know people think CSG is a bad idea, and this is something direct they can do to act on their concerns."

The campaign was recommending people sign up with one of the following retailers: Powershop, Momentum Energy, Diamond Energy, and Red Energy.

The campaign is promoting electricity retailer Powershop as the pick of the bunch - it was named the greenest energy retailer in Australia by Greenpeace last year, its parent company Meridian runs two big wind farms generating electricity for 100,000 households, and it also buys UN-recognised carbon offsets to help its customers compensate for any non-renewable energy they may be drawing from the grid.

The Channon resident Nan Nicholson  recently switched to Powershop and said it was slightly cheaper than her previous retailer.

"There's no money, time or ethical reason not to switch," Ms Nicholson said.

"Inertia comes in sometime when people think it's too hard... this is just one little thing you can do which is tremendously powerful."

For more information on the Better Power campaign, go to

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