Dan White is the frontman of Western Australian group Blue Child Collective.
Dan White is the frontman of Western Australian group Blue Child Collective. Liz Clarkson

'Feel-good funk' by a blue child from the West

MARGARET River-based act Blue Child Collective will launch their new album, Wake Up to the Sound, this weekend on the Northern Rivers with two shows.

The release is the product of collaboration between frontman Dan White plus fellow artists, New Zealand's Emjay Angeni, saxophone player Lindsay Baker and other musicians from the Collective.

Wake Up to the Sound features Northern Rivers favourite Bobby Alu on drums and percussion, Ken Allars (Caravana Sun) on trumpet and keys, OJ Newcomb (Band Of Frequencies/Thump) on bass and Angela Iimura on BV's, plus special features from Sol Carroll (Band Of Frequencies/Afro Dizzi Act) on vocals and Taro Terahara on bansuri.

Speaking from Western Australia, Dan White said the collective was named nearly five years ago.

"It came from a moment of insight nearly five years ago, that, at the end of the day, we're all just humans hanging out on a little blue planet floating through space, and there's far more that we have in common with each other that we often like to think," he said.

"A lot of the music I write is centered around connection and breaking down the barriers we've constructed which separate and segregate us; basically helping us remember our humanity and place as a part of this world; a collective."

TOURING: Musician Dan White is the frontman of Margaret River-based act Blue Child Collective.
TOURING: Musician Dan White is the frontman of Margaret River-based act Blue Child Collective.

White is reluctant to accept any genres or labels to their music.

"We like to call it 'feel-good-funk and fluid-groove'; it ranges from Funk to Roots, Jazz to Soul, Reggae to Folk, but has a groove and fluidity about it as a sound," he said.

The artist said there is a deeply philosophical theme behind Wake Up to the Sound.

"The concept of the album - which will be delved into deeper in a documentary we'll be releasing at the end of the tour - is about how the universe is made up of matter vibrating at different rates, which all produce frequencies, sound if you like, and how we as humans can actively shape our worlds using our thoughts, words and actions, all of which can be defined as certain frequencies affecting change on our surroundings," he said.

"The doorway to this idea is the notion that we cannot directly perceive with our senses all of that which exists; we know radio waves exist, but we can't perceive them unless we have a radio to interpret and reproduce them as acoustic sound. We use microwaves to cook food. What can we do with our brainwaves?"

White said the local shows will feature a five-piece band with him on vocals and guitars, Emjay Angeni on vocals, Chris Musitano on keys and trumpet, I Wayan Biliondana on bass and Benjamin Newton on drums and percussion.

The collective received a nomination for West Australian Music's Best Regional Act in 2018, and will share stages and shows this this summer with Xavier Rudd, The Teskey Brothers, The Jungle Giants and more.

The collective is known for collaborating with film makers in documentaries, features, music videos, and other formats.

  • At The Rails, Byron Bay, on Saturday, January 19 from 7pm, and at the Shaws Bay Hotel in Ballina on Sunday, January 20, from 3pm. For details visit bluechildcollective.com.

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