Federal transport reforms promise $30 billion over 20 years

SWEEPING reforms by the Federal Government to be announced today will create two national bodies responsible for any transport firm using heavy vehicles or rail.

According to the government, the changes will increase national income by $30 billion over 20 years.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese will unveil the Brisbane-based National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the National Rail Safety Regulator to be headquartered in Adelaide.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority will be given greater powers to regulate all commercial vessels in Australian waters by the end of March.

For those in the rail, truck or marine industries, it would mean uniformity across borders.

Mr Albanese said the three bodies will replace 23 separate state and federal regulators covering rail safety, heavy vehicles and maritime safety.

He said it was the result of more than five years of negotiations between federal, state and territory governments.

'Consider your fire plan': residents told to be prepared

'Consider your fire plan': residents told to be prepared

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