Farmers should not be complacent around cattle.
Farmers should not be complacent around cattle. Bryony Jackson

When working with animals becomes really dangerous

NSW Ambulance have sent out a reminder to farmers to be careful using machinery and equipment, but it would seem they need to be just as wary of their livestock.

Data from NSW Ambulance shows that in 2015-16, paramedics attended 276 incidents involving bulls and cows alone.

Of the 199 call outs in regional NSW for bull and cow related incidents, 30 occurred in the Northern Rivers zone, second only to the New England Zone.

According to Farmsafe Australia, farm vehicles, including quads, utilities and two wheeled motorbikes, accounted for 23 per cent of all farm injury deaths between 2001 and 2010. Quads bikes are the leading cause of death and serious injury on Australian farms, with 38 deaths between 2011 and 2013.

Superintendent Porter advised that helmets and other protective gear be worn when using potentially dangerous equipment.

"The terrain should also be assessed before using a tractor or quad bike is used, to avoid rollovers," Superintendent Porter said.

"Often these vehicles are used in remote locations and if a farmer becomes trapped, it can be many hours before the alarm can be raised and help arrives."

When working with livestock, he advised farmers ensure escape routes are clear and accessible, to avoid being trapped or crushed by livestock. Also avoid working alone when loading or unloading stock.

Superintendent Porter said to assist paramedics in attending incidents that occur in remote locations, provide as much information as possible when speaking to the Triple Zero (000) call taker, such as landmarks.

To further assist call takers in identifying the location, people are also encouraged to download the Emergency+ smartphone application.

The app-free to download from iTunes, Google Play and the Windows store-assists the caller in dialling Triple Zero (000) and displays the GPS coordinates of the phone's location for the caller to relay to the call taker.

Remember, in the event an ambulance is required, stay on the phone with the Triple Zero (000) call-taker as they can assist with medical advice until paramedics arrives.

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