YOUR HERD IT HERE FIRST: From Left, Jacinta Simons (Goat Buster), Bryce Wearne (Goat Boy), Mahney Wearne (Goat Girl) are the Hillbilly Goats.
YOUR HERD IT HERE FIRST: From Left, Jacinta Simons (Goat Buster), Bryce Wearne (Goat Boy), Mahney Wearne (Goat Girl) are the Hillbilly Goats. Antony Hands

Farewell 2018 with the Hillbilly Goats

THE Hillbilly Goats are a trio offering stories and songs on the evolution of traditional folk tunes (string band music) that formed up in the Appalachian mountains of America, over hundreds of years, with immigrants predominantly form Scotland, Ireland and Africa influencing each other with their rhythms, cultures and instruments.

The Scots and Irish brought their fiddles and Anglo Celtic folk ballads to the new land, and the Africans brought the banjo.

Band member Bryce Wearne (Goat Boy) said their music was the pre-cursor country, so it's Roots music that began evolving in the 1920s into Hillbilly, Country and Western, Bluegrass and strains of blues that came out of the lowlands of Appalachia.

"We put our own twist and spin on the songs weaving hundreds of tunes together and if you have to put us in a box, we'd describe our music as 'Hillbilly Roots and Old Time Blues'," he said.

After seven years on stage, the Hillbilly Goats have released four albums that revolve around their stage show, all accompanied by the history of the music featured in them.

"We started out with a passion for bluegrass and once we realised the history went way back to the immigrants of the 1600s and 1700s, we fast became fascinated with this old time music and are always researching and seeking songs to revive to new generations."

Their latest album, Old Jack's Bones, contains an original song of the same name about a ringer from the Top End, Jack Ryle, who taught Mahney Wearne (Goat Girl) to play the bones about seven years ago.

"It is a rare instrument and one of the oldest in the world dating back to the days of the Ancient Egyptians and Jack made me a set of four bones - two for each hand, out of the rib cage of a bullock. We wrote this song as a thank you to him for passing on his gift of such an old time instrument that is embedded deep in the creation and history of hillbilly music," she said.

Their song Gypsy Girl earned them a third Golden Guitar nomination, Mr Wearne said.

"It was written about our travels around the country, but specifically about the love of returning home to our 11 year old daughter Tehya Gypsy," he said.

"She's 11 and she loves school and her friends so much that she chooses to stay with them.

"It's such an amazing honour for our third Golden Guitar nomination to be received for a song so close to our heart!"


  • At The Channon Tavern on Sunday, December 30, from 2.30pm.
  • At Casino RSM Club on Monday, December 31 for a NYE Show from 8pm.

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