Family won't go homeless

A MOTHER of three facing homelessness has found a place to stay following inquiries by The Northern Star.

Olivia Glew, 31, was due to vacate the Lismore Tourist Caravan Park next Wednesday and feared she would end up in crisis accommodation.

Just hours after The Northern Star began asking questions on Ms Glew's behalf, Housing NSW offered her a three-bedroom property in Goonellabah.

Ms Glew plans to move into the house on Monday with her children Shanice Cavanough, 6, Olivia Cavanough, 5, and Wanjarrah Cavanough, 10.

"I got told nothing would happen until February or March so it seems a bit funny that I talk to you guys and then they offer it. But I'm just so happy and grateful to them because these kids really need somewhere to live," she said.

Ms Glew said she had been on the housing waiting list for years.

"I started crying when I heard because I'm just so happy to know my kids won't have to go through this trauma any more," she said.

"It's a three-bedroom with a big backyard and it's cheap, which is what we've been looking for."

A new licensee plans to redevelop the park and current residents have been asked to leave by a week from today.

North Coast Community Housing acting general manager Colin Jones said welfare organisations have been working together to support the residents.

"The provision of that sort of accommodation (caravan parks) for people with very high needs is often unsuitable and inappropriate and as we've seen in the case of Olivia Glew, when Housing NSW and local support providers come together we can often create really good outcomes for members of our community. So there have been positives and the three social housing providers have worked closely together during this process, and it's really for the first time."

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