Nintendo unveils Mario Bros for iPhone

Screenshot from Mario Run app for iPhones and iPads
Screenshot from Mario Run app for iPhones and iPads

IF you thought the Pokemon craze was bad, the latest game to be released on iDevices could be just as addictive.

Nintendo have stepped up their game and instead of a new device with better graphics and interaction for their fans, they have converted a classic, addictive game into an app for iPhones and iPads.

The game is not quite the same, but very similar to, the 1980s classic Mario Bros the original.

Besides not being played on a big screen and needing hand controls, Mario also doesn't go backwards.

But the fun and adventure is very much the same in Mario Runs.

Rockhampton Mario Bros and Nintendo gaming fan Alex Irving tested the app for The Bulletin today.

The 22-year-old said it was pretty cool, considering how the original Mario Bros game has been adapted and progressed over the years to Wii and other Nintendo consoles.

"It's progressed (over the years), but it's never been as good (as the original)," Alex said.



With the game only available on iPhone and iPad from today, Alex's brother Chris looks to be losing his phone a lot in the coming weeks as Alex only has an android phone.

"I hope that it comes out on android otherwise I have to steal my brother's phone to play it," she said.

The question is - why Alex and Chris's father (who got the siblings hooked on Nintendo classic games) join the fun.

Alex spilled the beans while talking about her love of Nintendo games that the siblings use to play with their father all the time, but he no longer plays.

"My dad use to play it all the time," she said.

"You just had to try to beat him. He wasn't very merciful."

Alex said he played Super Mario against her one day and she 'smashed him'... and he hasn't played since.


  • Pacman - which is now available as an app
  • Donkey Kong - there is an app called 80s Arcade Nes Games that has Donkey Kong, but not sure how close it is to the original
  • Duck Hunt - which can not be played on current television sets as the gun does not work on digital
  • The Legend of Zelda

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