Family mourn loss of 'third death' in Coolum's tragic night

Anthony Young.
Anthony Young.

A FULL chapel at Maroochydore for the funeral of Anthony Young yesterday underlined that three deaths at Coolum a week ago were more than a family tragedy, they had touched a community.

"Kid magnet", "animal magnet", brother, father, friend, surfer, fisherman, babysitter and a helping hand when needed were the descriptions offered for the 42-year-old who inexplicably killed his brother David and sister-in-law at their Coolum home before he was himself shot by police at around 10pm on August 21.

His four surviving brothers and sister all spoke about a man who had been, in his last years, in constant pain but who was much loved if not always understood.

Two of his nieces also spoke, holding back tears beside a coffin bedecked with flowers and an image of a surfer emerging from under the lip of a wave.

He also lived with a provided care for his infirm mother in her final years.

First to arrive and last to leave for birthday parties he connected closely with the large blended family's offspring who all adored him.

Memories were recalled of a tear away child, the youngest in a family of seven, who loved the ocean and fishing.

As a child living at Rosemount he would spend countless hours fishing in Paynter's Creek.

Tears were not far from the surface throughout the hour-long funeral that concluded with the Cold Chisel classic Ke San.

But they were kept at bay by a focus on the "Ant" those there all loved rather than the circumstances that brought them to the place.

In a statement earlier this week the family said that the depth of Anthony's mental issues was not understood until it was too late.

"We would hope that the community can look into their own families and ask the questions and seek help," the statement said.

"We hope that people do not underestimate what the outcome from mental illness could be.

"The families focus is on our young family member who remains following this tragedy and to ensure she is looked after into the future and that her parents are never forgotten."

But first they will have to gather again on Monday for the funerals in Nambour of David and his partner Louise.

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