Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Vicki Wood

Facebook readers are no fans of Tony's

THE Northern Rivers may have helped make Tony Abbott Prime Minister, but that apparently doesn't mean we like him much.

A post on The Northern Star's Facebook page noting it was now 12 months since Mr Abbott was sworn in as our nation's leader and asking readers to rate the performance of the PM and his government triggered a wave of anger.

Counting just the scores assigned within the 1-10 range asked for in the post, Northern Rivers readers gave the PM an average score of only 2.2. It would have been much lower, but many readers insisted on giving scores in negative digits that weren't counted in the average.

We're not the only ones either.

The same post was run across all APN News and Media's newspaper sites in NSW and Queensland and the best average score the Prime Minister managed to pick up was 5.3 at Warwick. His lowest score was 1.2 in Ipswich - the Queensland town that was the home of former Labor leader and Governor General Bill Hayden as well as One Nation founder Pauline Hanson.

Max Pike's response to the question gives a reasonable indication of the sentiment raised by the Prime Minister on the Northern Rivers.

"I was concerned when he won...I thought it would be bad. He's made me re-evaluate my definition of bad," wrote Mr Pike, who awarded the Prime Minister a score of one.

"He and his team have wrought so much havoc on the Australian way of life it's not funny.

"In the past both Labor and Liberal have at least had some common ground on issues like education, health and a basic fair go.

"This Government has disgusted me in their callous disregard for both nation building and it's people."

However, not everyone's unhappy with our Tony. A few people even gave the PM a score of 10.

"He has repealed the Carbon tax!" wrote Lyndall Parker, who gave Mr Abbott a 10.

There weren't many people in the middle ground. One of the few was Clint Brennan.

"Seven with the other choices put forward by other parties," Mr Brennan wrote

"He has to be the best of the worst options in history.

"May he be steadfast and staunch. In his decision involving Isis and the every growing threat of an unstable Australian society.

"How quick we forget."

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