• Campbell Newman has conceded defeat. Queensland to have a new Premier.
  • The Premier says his political career is over
  • Labor is just one or two seats away from victory
  • It needs 45 seats out of 89. It came from having just nine
  • It is one of the most significant swings against a government in Australian history


A JUBILANT Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has thanked Queenslanders for her David and Goliath triumph in the election.

Surrounded by a huge media throng and to the cheers of Labor supporters in red, the Premier in waiting beamed as she was formally introduced to the crowd.

"Labor, labor, labor,'' the crowd chanted.

"Well I said it would be a David and Goliath battle and it certainly was.

"Who would have thought three years ago, we would be making history tonight.

"It is still close to call but I am very hopeful, we will be able to form government.''

She thanked Queenslanders for the support she had received from across the state.

"Queensland is an amazing state, an amazing state,'' a euphoric Ms Palaszczuk said.

She thanked her caucus and congratulated her new Labor members of parliament.

"There's a lot more than nine,'' she joked.

"Can I thank the great Australian Labor Party.''

She paid tribute to ALP officials, branch members and party volunteers who manned the polling booths.

Labor's leader thanked the union movement, saying it stood up for workers across Queensland.

Ms Palaszszuk thanked her Inala voters and her family.

"Can I thank, most importantly, the people of Queensland, who have put their trust back into the Labor Party.''

"Can I also give a big congratulations to Kate Jones.

"Kate and I have been friends for many years.

"But I also want to wish Campbell Newman and his wife, Lisa, all the very best for their future.''

She vowed to continue to listen to Queenslanders and to unite the state.

"Today the people of Queensland sent a very clear message, and that message was - they do not want their assets sold.

"We will keep our assets in public hands.

"I want to bring Queensland back together. Let's put the past three years behind us. Let's have a consensus government where we bring people together, where we listen and where we unite.

"Tomorrow we begin a brand new chapter in Queensland's history."

Campbell Newman: My political career is over

QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has fronted the media as news of more of his Ministers being given the boot by voters emerge.

Mr Newman said while the result was unclear tonight, it was clear Queenslanders had spoken.

He said he primarily wanted to get out a message of thanks to his supporters in Ashgrove.

"Earlier I spoke to Kate Jones and I congratulated her on her win tonight.

"I respect the verdict of the people of Ashgrove.''

Mr Newman said he had enjoyed being the Member for Ashgrove.

"My political career is over. It is over.''

Mr Newman said in the past three years, the LNP had put Queensland in a far better state than they found it.

Flanked by his wife Lisa, he said he wanted to thank to his electorate staff and the staff in the Premier's office.

"I thank you with all my heart.''

Mr Newman thanked the men and women of the Queensland Police Service who had been in his close protection detail. "They are sensational and they do a great job.''

"I also want to reflect on the MPs who lost their seats tonight.

"People should look long and hard at a political team who did the hard yards.''

"I just wish the community knew you were all men and women of conviction.''

Mr Newman urged those who had won to hang in their for the LNP.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for us to go to a new chapter in our lives,'' he said, hugging his wife.

"This is the rock, the love of my life.''

"We are going to go forward together and have a great life together.''

"Finally, let's hope we can get a result for Queensland soon.

"Thank you Queensland, it has been an honour and a privilege.''

Mr Newman, a father of two daughters who were 'far away from here',  was given a rousing cheer and cries of "Campbell, Campbell" as he left.

OPINION: LNP failed to listen to Queensland on assets

'No government is safe' after LNP routed in Queensland

DEPUTY Prime Minister Warren Truss said Queensland's election proves "no government is safe" no matter the majority.

Speaking to journalists at the LNP election function in Brisbane Mr Truss said the Federal Government needed to listen to the electorate after suffering massive swings against coalition state governments in Victoria and now Queensland.

"Clearly everyone needs to learn from those messages and if we don't learn from them then everyone is in peril," he said.

"We will look as a Federal Government at how we can address these issues."

He said the massive swings in the past two Queensland elections showed government's should take caution going to the polls.

"Queenslanders have now demonstrated a preparedness for volatility, and I don't think any government anywhere can ever, after this result, consider themselves to be safe, and that's a good message that all governments should learn."

Mr Truss said the result showed the LNP needed to examine how it sold its agenda to the public.

"Every party has to look at themselves on this election. Certainly this party, which experienced an extraordinary win just three years ago and is now on the brink of defeat."

Mr Truss said the Labor Party had taken a "negative campaign" to the electorate - who did not know what a potential Annastazia Palaszczuk government would deliver.

"We have a mystery government that's been elected. And I guess you will wake up, month after month and find out what they actually have intended for the state," he said.


Bookies back ALP to win next election as well

No one's willing to admit it, but let's face it, Annastacia Palaszczuk will be the state's new Premier.

Online bookmaker isn't messing around and has already installed Labor as favourites for the next state election.

The ALP is $1.40 to maintain government when the public eventually goes back to the polls while the demoralised LNP is $2.80.

"With the extraordinary swing we've seen, Labor deserve to be short priced favourites to do it all again next time round," said's Christian Jantzen.

Bill Shorten says Abbott failed to talk to Queenslanders

"Tonight is an extraordinary result for Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Labor team,'' Opposition leader Bill Shorten said.

"While the final outcome is still not known, tonight's remarkable results happened against all odds.

"Against a party with 80 more seats in parliament. Against a party with a war chest of funding for advertising. Against a government with incumbency and a Liberal Government in Canberra.

"This was truly a David and Goliath battle - and Annastacia Palaszczuk has brought Goliath to his knees.

"It was a privilege to campaign alongside Annastacia Palaszczuk and so many Labor candidates in Queensland this month.

"Throughout regional Queensland and greater Brisbane, I heard people say they were sick of Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott's cuts and broken promises.

"While Campbell Newman tried to hide Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister was front and centre every day of this campaign.

"Tony Abbott and his Ministers refused to talk to Queenslanders - and the Liberal National Party has paid the price tonight."

Police Minister Jack Dempsey given the boot

Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey Iain Curry

Earlier, Police Minister Jack Dempsey was among those farewelled during Nine's coverage about 9.30pm tonight.

Earlier, the Member for Bundaberg said the race was still close to call.

Mr Dempsey said we would find out more as the night progressed.

But With 21 out of 35 booths counted, Mr Dempsey had just 45% of the two-party vote, compared to Leanne Donaldson's 54%. Latest on the vote here

Former Premier Peter Beattie tipped Labor would win, even if it needed the support of Nicklin Independent Peter Wellington.

Labor president says too early to call it

IPSWICH based Labor party president Dick Williams says it's still too early to tell if they will take home the victory tonight.

Speaking to APN from Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk's camp in Richlands, Mr Williams said he was "ecstatic" at the result so far.

"Annastacia has done an unbelievable job to bring us back from the wilderness in less than three years," he said.

"Going from a team of seven to a team of nine and possibly into government in its own right is absolutely outstanding."
But Mr Williams said they did not want to jump ahead of themselves.

"There are still a number of seats in doubt," he said about 9pm.

ABC is now reporting that Labor has won 44 seats in this election, with a prediction for the ALP to take 46 when counting wraps up.

Labor or LNP must win 45 seats to form government in Queensland.

LNP has 39 seats, with ABC predicting the conservatives to win one more.


Kate Jones on Newman: Trust is earned, not bought

THE woman who stands where a Premier lies defeated has described her victory as "a very clear message that we want a better way going forward".

Kate Jones told her euphoric party faithful that since her defeat in 2012 at the hands of the now-vanquished Campbell Newman, she was able to retreat into the Ashgrove community.

Her success was despite a massive spending campaign by the LNP, something she touched on in her victory address.

"The resounding message that I have heard loud and clear is that trust is something that cannot be bought but is something that is earned," she said.

Queensland has new Premier after LNP bloodbath

PREMIER Campbell Newman has called Kate Jones, his ALP opponent,  to concede defeat.

Although eagle-eyed political wonks are calling the election as a win for Labor, it is now clear that Queensland will have a different Premier.

Ms Jones has arrived at Labor celebrations in Ashgrove, with red-clad crowds cheering her arrival.


OPINION: LNP failed to listen to Queensland on assets

LNP supporters watch Labor's Kate Jones addressing her supporters after winning the state seat of Ashgrove in Brisbane, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman conceded defeat in the seat.
LNP supporters watch Labor's Kate Jones addressing her supporters after winning the state seat of Ashgrove in Brisbane, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman conceded defeat in the seat. AAP Image - Dan Peled



LNP treasurer Tim Nicholls has refused to discuss party leadership despite Campbell Newman condensing in Ashgrove.

Mr Nicholls told ABC TV it was still "too early" to discuss the LNP's leadership.

Similarly Indooroopilly MP Scott Emerson told the ABC his only concern was thanking his supporters.



LNP obliterated, Premier and 'dozens' of MPs to go

THE Labor Party is set to reclaim dozens of seats across Queensland with the LNP seeing a large swing against it.

Kate Jones is set to defeat Premier Campbell Newman in the inner-city seat of Ashgrove.

Seats in Ipswich and Gladstone are expected to go to Labor, with the LNP's massive electoral majority set to evaporate.

Labor started the day with just nine seats, but may finish the day with more than the 45 to take government with massive swings recorded.

A heavy, subdued atmosphere hung over the LNP's South Bank election function. Supporters milled outside, away from the coverage, while at least one wiped tears from her eyes.

A number of former Labor members from the Bligh Government are set to be returned including Kate Jones and Grace Grace in Brisbane.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls told the ABC's election coverage the figures were "tough" for Mr Newman.

The Premier was seen briefly in a locked off section of the LNP's election function in South Bank, but is yet to make an appearance in front of his supporters.

Former Federal Labor treasurer Wayne Swan, on the ABC, described the swing as an "earthquake".

Labor candidate Jennifer Howard is the new member for Ipswich.

Ms Howard, with only the booth of Raceview to be counted, has 68% of the two-party preferred vote.

This represents a 22% swing to Labor.

Ms Howard declared victory to the QT minutes ago.

Labor's Jim Madden has won the Seat of Ipswich West.

Ian Rickuss has retained the Seat of Locker.

ALP has now secured an estimated 43 seats -- it needs 45 to form government.


Key results so far:



  • Maryborough (ALP ahead)
  • Toowoomba North (ALP ahead)
  • Whitsunday (LNP ahead)


SEATS GAINED BY LABOR (35 new seats)

  • Ashgrove
  • Bundaberg
  • Gladstone
  • Ipswich
  • Ipswich West
  • Keppel
  • Mirani
  • Morayfield
  • Pumicestone



  • Rockhampton (ALP)
  • Gympie (LNP)
  • Southern Downs (LNP)
  • Dalrymple (KAP)
  • Condamine (LNP)
  • Maroochydore (LNP)
  • Nicklin (IND)
  • Noosa (LNP)
  • Mackay (LNP)
  • Gregory (LNP)
  • Hervey Bay (LNP)
  • Glass House (LNP)


Newman's Ashgrove seat now being called for Labor

PREMIER Campbell Newman's seat will now almost certainly be gained by the ALP's Kate Jones.

With almost 15% of votes counted in the Premier's seat, Jones is now leading the seat 57.9% to Newman's 42.1% after preferences.

The Premier is facing a swing of more than 16% against him.

When asked throughout the campaign who would take his place if the LNP won the election but he lost his seat, Mr Newman replied that if he was gone, the LNP would lose power.

While the latter appears likely, the Premier's defeat in his seat is now all-but-assured.

At the ALP headquarters, it was becoming more likie a party as supporters cheered as LNP MPs were given 'the boot' as part of Nine's coverage.

Latest count suggests that 27 seats have been called for ALP against the LNP's 19

Parties need 45 seats in order to take power.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli is facing defeat in his seat of Mundinburra, with just 41.4% of the two-party-preferred vote.

He has blamed his looming loss on the government's attempts to bring in tough reforms.

"We haven't taken people on the journey," Mr Crisafulli said.

"In an era of so many ways of talking to your constituents, it's never been so hard to talk to them."


How the votes are looking right now:

  • LNP: 302,070 votes,  (39.86% of total)
  • Australian Labor Party 293,674 votes (38.75% of total)
  • The Greens 65,145 votes (8.60% of total)
  • Palmer United Party  36,822 votes (4.86% of total)
  • Katter's Australian Party 15,861 votes (2.09% of total)


Nanna Palaszczuk turns up as her granddaughter looks to become Premier.


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk's grandmother arrived at her campaign party and has expressed how proud she is of her granddaughter.
ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk's grandmother arrived at her campaign party and has expressed how proud she is of her granddaughter. "The whole family is proud of Annastacia," Beryl Erskine said.


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk's grandmother has arrived at her campaign party and has expressed how proud she is of her granddaughter.

"The whole family is proud of Annastacia," Beryl Erskine said.

She said she could see her granddaughter being Premier - if not tonight then definitely one day.

Ms Erskine said one of Ms Palaszczuk's best qualities was her brain.

Early voting shows LNP in front, but Labor tipped to win

Early voting in Ashgrove has confirmed Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is likely to lose his seat.

With 3 of 33 booths in at 7pm, Mr Newman has just 38% of the primary vote, compared to Kate Jones' 48%.

After preferences, Ms Jones would have 57.9% of the vote, compared to 42% for the Premier.

Nine's Laurie Oakes said Mr Newman had been 'done like a dinner' on those figures.

In the seat of Callide, held by deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, Mr Seeney (44%) was leading Clive Palmer's Queensland leader John Bjelke-Petersen (27%) in early counting. Labor's Graeme Martin had just under 20% of the vote.

Across Queensland, the ABC's election analysis computer is predicting the result will be too close to call tonight or there will be a hung parliament.

Exit poll shows Labor set to claim miraculous victory

AN EXIT poll has shown that Labor is set to win a massive victory against the LNP's Campbell Newman in the 2015 Queensland election.

The Galaxy poll, across 17 electorates, shows Labor with 54% of the vote ahead of the LNP's 46%, Nine News reported on Saturday afternoon.

Nine said it represented a 16.8% against the LNP.

In Ashgrove, Kate Jones is expected to win, based on the exit polling which shows Green preferences will get her over the line ahead of Mr Newman on 41% of the vote.

Labor needs to win 45 of the 89 seat to claim government.

Far North Queensland and Brisbane seats will be crucial in the battle.

Just after 6.30pm, ABC election analyst Antony Green reported a 14% swing in first booth from Cook.

Now the real figures...

The first almost 3000 votes in after 6am, showed this:

LNP 3,720 votes, 50.44% 

Australian Labor Party ALP 1,803 votes 24.45% 

Palmer United Party PUP 530 votes 7.19 %

Katter's Australian Party KAP 420 votes 5.69% 

The Greens GRN 387 votes 5.25 

Kate Jones confident of taking Ashgrove

Ashgrove is expected to be won by Labor's Kate Jones.

Ms Jones said on Saturday afternoon that people in Ashgrove had been felt let down by Mr Newman.

She has actively used social media to get her message out, running a very low-key campaign which did not use mass media coverage.

Ms Jones said local issues had been critical.

"Of course, people not wanting to sell the assets was an issue like it was right across the state.''

"People who voted for Campbell Newman actually came doorknocking (with me) through the rain, hail and storms.''

Mr Newman said people were still voting and it was the final vote by the people that counted.

However, senior minister John Paul Langbroek told Nine that if the poll was correct then Annastacia Palaszszuk would be Queensland's next Premier.

Earlier polls had predicted a very tight win by the LNP but most say Mr Newman will lose his seat.

The bookies were still backing the LNP for a narrow win.




Already, at polling booths across Queensland there has been plenty of talk about who might replace Mr Newman if the LNP is returned but he is not.

There is the possibility he could be torpedoed into another seat, with Mogill being suggested by some.

But there are some within the LNP who would want to punish Mr Newman for his perceived 'arrogance'.

Critical seats to watch in the election battle will be around Brisbane and in north Queensland.

Three seats on the Gold Coast could go to Labor.

Peter Wellington expected to win Nicklin

On the Sunshine Coast, the LNP is expected to retain its seats, apart from Nicklin which is expected to be retained by Independent Peter Wellington.

The LNP has urged voters to 'just vote one'.

The ALP has been urging voters to 'number every square' with signs which appear to be from the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

The LNP had lodged Supreme Court action to have some of the signs removed but failed.

In early polling, Mr Wellington had a lead over the LNP and is expected to benefit from preferences from the ALP and the Greens.

Controversial candidate Patricia Petersen concedes defeat in Ipswich

PATRICIA Petersen insists she has run in her last political campaign.

After conceding she would not win the seat of Ipswich in today's state election, the flamboyant Independent candidate told the QT she would not be running for office in future.

Ms Petersen has contested numerous state, council and federal elections over the past decade.

"But I am hanging my hat up after this," she said. "I have promised my partner I will not do this again."

Children struck by lightning at Gold Coast polling station

It's believed up to four people, including two children, may have been struck by lightning at an election polling station on the Gold Coast.

Emergency services were called to the Worongary State School at 3.53pm after initial reports of two people injured.

CPR was being performed as the ambulance arrived and was continued by paramedics, but the exact condition of the four people is not yet known.

Storms have swept through the Gold Coast and surrounding regions after a hot and humid day, with a severe thunderstorm warning current for the south east region.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dean Narramore said the strongest cells were just south of Archerfield and around Beenleigh, and would impact Brisbane between 5 and 6pm.

More on this here

LNP and ALP accused of dirty tricks campaign with misleading signs

THE LNP is being accused of a dirty tricks campaign in the Sunshine Coast seat of Nicklin with a maroon-coloured sign urging voters to to just vote 1.

But the ALP is also under fire over a confusing sign, urging voters to number every square, which appears to be from the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

The LNP had sought in the Supreme Court to have the signs pulled down but has not been successful.

Meanwhile, LNP supporters are privately fuming after party HQ apparently organised automated phone calls to voters at 7pm on Friday night, annoying local residents no end.


More on this here

The maroon Just Vote 1 sign at Nicklin has sparked complaints from the ALP and Peter Wellington.
The maroon Just Vote 1 sign at Nicklin has sparked complaints from the ALP and Peter Wellington.

Ipswich seat looks set to be won by Labor 

The seat of Ipswich is set to be won by Labor with sitting LNP MP Ian Berry facing a considerable swing against him.

Labor candidate Jennifer Howard is on the cusp of being the new member for Ipswich without a doubt.

The QT has spoken to scrutineers on the ground and spot polled voters exiting the crucial Raceview State School booth and the results spell doom for Mr Berry.

The Greens may also be in for a strong showing after an impressive campaign run by Ipswich candidate Pat Walsh.
Tonight's count will reveal whether Mr Walsh was correct when he said people were voting for the Greens "in fairly good numbers".

More on that here


Whitsundays seat could go to Clive Palmer candidate

KYLEE Stanton who is standing for the Palmer United Party may take out the seat of Whitsunday according to a poll run by the Daily Mercury.

Ms Stanton held 33% of the reader poll.

The poll was closely followed by Bronwyn Taha (ALP) on 30% and Jason Costigan (LNP) 23%.

More on this here

Police probe incident at Rocky polling booth

POLICE are investigating an incident at a Rockhampton polling booth earlier today.

LNP Senator Matt Canavan has contacted The Bulletin to say the incident allegedly involved LNP candidate for Rockhampton Bridie Luva and the wife of the ALP member, Bill Byrne.

Mr Canavan, who was not present during the incident, said Ms Luva had asked him to speak on her behalf because she was still too "shaken up".

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