An exhibition of all things paper

APART from their love for the malleability of paper, if there are attributes that unite several of the artists in Paper Trail it is their exacting attention to detail, says the director of Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby Nadine Abensur.

Take Faithful Recall the centrepiece for the fourth annual paper show at Art Piece Gallery, she says.

"It’s 3½ metres long and composed of 540 ceiling hung pieces, each individually printed, painted, drawn on, collaged, and then hung from strings of varying lengths, each with a little knot at the top."

The 540 drawing pins are painted white for good measure. Each piece is then numbered and packed with strict hanging instructions, and thankfully comes with a perfectly accurate grid to guide the hanging process."

Photo-media artist, Jennie Nayton takes and develops photographs of seascapes and then applies her mathematical brain to the perfect, hand slicing and sculpting of the photographs so that they become architectural, 3D artworks.

Paper has an organic compatibility to Emma’s recent subject matter. Inspired by her trips into the dessert, she creates habitats for imaginary creatures, incorporating porcelain into pieces which are more corporeal though still delicate and even other worldly.

Paper Trails, an eclectic show which describes the versatility of paper at Art Piece Gallery, is now on show.

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