Ex-wife denies living with drugs

DEFENCE barrister Peter O’Connor yesterday tried to suggest his client’s ex-wife was responsible for a crop of 1400 alleged cannabis plants found at a property near Kyogle.

Wayne John Maslin, 49 of Miami, is fighting charges in the Lismore District Court of supplying a prohibited drug and supplying a prohibited plant over the crop and more than 14kg of cannabis leaf police, during a raid in 2005, found scattered about the house on the property at Loadstone, north west of Kyogle.

Mr O’Connor has argued Maslin, who was also caught by Queensland police with several kilograms of cannabis at his Robina unit not long before the Loadstone raid, knew nothing of the crop or the cannabis, saying others, including Maslin’s ex-wife, Judith McKean, had access to the property.

Mr O’Connor is also questioning how much of the crop was cannabis, pointing to gaps he says are in the analysis of the plants.

Yesterday Maslin’s ex-wife took the stand to say she hadn’t set foot on the property for six years when police raided it, despite her name remaining on the council rates bill.

Ms McKean, who now lives in Queensland, said she and Maslin separated in the early 1990s. The only time she had been to the property since was once in 1999 for a commemoration for her and Maslin’s sons, who had passed away.

Mr O’Connor questioned that too.

“The suggestion is you lived there for some months with a male friend during 2001,” Mr O’Connor put to Ms McKean.

“Definitely not. I did not stay there at all,” she responded.

Ms McKean said she did not so much as visit the property and had been single at the time.

At that time, she had been working at the Norply plant and living in Kyogle with her niece.

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