Bashed with didgeridoo

A CORAKI man will have an extra 12 months in jail to lament his bad temper and think about his grog problem after beating up two former girlfriends, one with a didgeridoo.

He also burned one of the women with cigarette butts.

Brendan Cavanagh, 26, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court on Monday to a series of assaults including causing bodily harm involving the women in separate incidents following his violent drunken behaviour in February this year.

Cavanagh, already in jail nine months, was sentenced by magistrate Robyn Denes to two years’ jail with eight months non-parole for the more serious assault charges, making him eligible for release on November 28, 2010. He will then be on supervised parole.

Cavanagh punched one woman in the eye while they were drinking at a Box Ridge house.

Two days later he was waiting when she walked from the Coraki Hotel with two casks of white wine, threatening to smash a glass beer bottle on her if she did not go back home with him.

When police gave the couple and others a ride back to Box Ridge officers saw Cavanagh throw beer over her, and she told police about him punching her.

The second woman, a former girlfriend who broke up with Cavanagh two years earlier, told police he turned up at her East Lismore home pleading with her to take him in.

One night Cavanagh woke her with the words ‘Jesus move or I’ll jump on your head’, making her go to Box Ridge.

After drinking with him there on February 19 she later woke to find she had two black eyes, bruises, a lump on her forehead and cigarette burns.

Cavanagh stayed with her for four days in the house so she could not contact police and on February 23, while again drinking, Cavanagh hit her ‘eight or so times’ on the head and torso with a didgeridoo.

She told police Cavanagh said he wanted to make her bleed.

She ran to another house chased by Cavanagh with the didgeridoo.

The magistrate said defence evidence was Cavanagh grew up surrounded by alcohol and violence with both parents dead. She said alcohol and violence seemed to go hand-in-hand with Cavanagh and told him he needed to turn his life around.

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