Evans man fined $350

DWAYNE GORDON might just take notice of his girlfriend’s smarter actions after he nosed-in uninvited on police officers trying to control a hostile crowd during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Evans Head.

Instead of walking away from the affray, the 19-year-old fruit picker cut loose in a verbal demonstration of his language skills unleashinga torrent of abuse and foul language at the police.

Gordon, of Evans Head, last week pleaded guilty in Casino Local Court to refusing to comply with police directions at 1.20am on January 1; and using offensive language.

His efforts earned him a $350 fine from Magistrate Robyn Denes.

Police facts before the court stated officers had been attempting to disperse a large crowd of people becoming violent and hostile toward each other near the entrance to the Silver Sands Caravan Park.

As police were dealing with a fight between a group of women Gordon went up to the officers swearing and being aggressive.

He ignored a police demand to move on and officers described his behaviour as ‘frightening and intimidating towards police and others’.

Police accused Gordon of ‘inciting’ others to becomeaggressive towards police.

He ignored their repeated requests to move on and yelled at police to ‘stop picking on ....... kids’.

Despite being warned he would be arrested, Gordon continued to be aggressive.

As he walked toward one officer in an aggressive manner his girlfriend stepped in between them and pushed Gordon backwards to the other side of the road.

As police dealt with the violent crowd Gordon was again told to leave and his girlfriend again pushed him away and up Popular Lane as officers made numerous arrests.

Defence lawyer Peter Walsh said his client was not the prime mover in the hostile crowd, but became incensed when he believed children in the crowd were being dealt with improperly.

“He thought he was complying by going, but he admits he was unlikely to be going as far as the police wanted him to,” Mr Walsh said. “While he was aggressive toward police he did not hit any one. It was an unsavoury matter.”

Mr Walsh said Gordon’s girlfriend had been an ‘angel of mercy’ in trying to get him away and had shown more good sense than the others.

Despite his lawyer’s plea that Gordon not be convicted because of its affect on him later in life, Ms Denes said ‘no, not in those circumstances’.

Ms Denes said police had been trying to deal with problems in the crowd and ‘it does not help when others stick their noses in’.

Gordon then stated he had not been drunk and only had ‘five tinnies’ that night.

“You had no business to stick your nose in,” replied Ms Denes.

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