Hope of romance ends in punches

IT was the wrong pathway to romance as Christopher Brook Smith realised after punching a young woman in the face when she rejected his advances at Evans Head.

Smith, 32, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court to assault causing bodily harm to the woman on the night of October 8.

Magistrate Michael Dakin jailed Smith for 10 months. Smith will also serve the balance of jail time for a previous offence after being in breach of its good behaviour parole provision not to reoffend.

Defence lawyer Ben Cochrane acknowledged Smith had numerous previous convictions for assault, and although the woman claimed he punched her seven times there was some dispute on the exact number of hits.

“He instructs me alcohol was a factor in all (prior assault matters),” Mr Cochrane said.

He said Smith had been ordered not to drink alcohol as a parole condition for a previous offence, and was only released from jail on August 2 after being jailed in June 2006.

On the day of the latest offence Mr Cochrane said Smith had been drinking alcohol from 10am.

Mr Dakin said he was not aware of the full facts (on a previous offence) except Smith had to 'abstain totally' from alcohol.

Police facts state Smith had been drinking with the woman at both the Evans Head Bowling Club and the Illawong Hotel in the afternoon and evening of October 8 when she went home.

They had only known each other a couple of weeks and there was no relationship, but Smith went to her home at 11pm after she ignored his text phone messages.

When told to go he would not leave, calling her 'a tease, a bitch' before punching her head and face seven times.

While trying to fight him off Smith had yelled at her 'I'll f...ing show you what a tease is'. In pain, and suffering dizziness, the woman reported 'seeing stars' with every punch.

When arrested Smith stated: 'I know this sounds clichéd but I can't really remember very much'.

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