Genelle Doust is upset she has no landline in her new home on Avalon Estate.
Genelle Doust is upset she has no landline in her new home on Avalon Estate. Blainey Woodham

Estate leaves locals disconnected

RESIDENTS who have moved into Avalon Estate at Wollongbar are furious that they have been unable to connect landlines in their new homes.

One of the residents, Genelle Doust, is demanding answers, after reportedly being told by Telstra that it could be "days, months or years" before a proper telephone connection could be established.

"This is simply not good enough," she said.

"You buy land at a new estate, build a new home and move into that home expecting that all the normal services will be available."

Mrs Doust said at least eight other families were also affected by the situation, and that more would be impacted as more homes were built and occupied in the estate.

She said Telstra had told her there was a "dispute between the developers and the government" over whose responsibility it was to lay cables ahead of the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

"Just who is going to give us the answers? Everyone we have spoken with seems to not have a clue," Mrs Doust said.

"Someone is responsible for this blunder."

The Northern Star contacted Telstra several times yesterday, but no response was received before deadline.

The 140-lot staged development of Avalon Estate was approved in 2008.

Mrs Doust said they had no warning that telephone connections would not be available on moving into their new home.

"The (Telstra) guy came to connect it, but he said there were no cables," she said.

"No one can tell us what is going on - Telstra people that we've spoken to say it has something to do with the NBN, but we don't really know.

"We don't even know how long we are going to be without a phone connection.

"We're being kept in the dark.

"It's really very frustrating - we deserve service.

"It's lucky that we have wireless internet, otherwise we wouldn't have access to the internet either."

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