Arrival at school formal was just plane spectacular

MAKING a grand entrance is relatively normal at a year 12 formal, but arriving in a seaplane is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Wollumbin High School students Scotty Buck and Sarah Montgomery were on cloud nine last week as they jetted into Budd Park, Murwillumbah, to celebrate the end of 13 years of schooling.

Principal Karen Connell thought she had seen every imaginable mode of formal transport until the plane touched down on the Tweed River.

"We've had double-decker buses, we might have even had a fire engine one year, but never a plane," she said.

"It's a first in my whole career."

Ms Connell said she could understand the hype surrounding formal entrances because it was a special day for students and their families."It's 13 years of schooling and six with us, it's the pinnacle of their education and it's important to acknowledge that," she said.

"They would have worked extremely hard and the formal is an acknowledgment of all their achievements.

"They ( Scotty and Sarah) would've been absolutely delighted with how they entered and it would've been very important to them."

Ms Connell said the formal was always popular with all involved, including teachers, parents, and of course, the graduating class.

"We had a really lovely evening," she said.

"Our parents and teachers always love the year 12 formal."

Ms Connell said the night was a reflection of how far the students had come; from timid teenagers to young adults ready to face the real world.

"We do a PowerPoint that shows them when they were littlies and then their year 12 photos. It's really special," she said.

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