Enova hits $1.1 million subscribed in six weeks

ENOVA: Founding partners l-r Steve Harris, Alison Crook, Melissa Mac Court and Patrick Halliday
ENOVA: Founding partners l-r Steve Harris, Alison Crook, Melissa Mac Court and Patrick Halliday Lyn McCarthy

ENOVA Community Energy is well on the way to achieving its minimum start-up capital target of $3 million, with $1.1 million subscribed in less than six weeks. 

Enova launched in August, unveiling innovative plans to establish Australia's first community-owned, renewable energy retailer and installation business.

Enova chair, Alison Crook said the level of support received so far was "astonishing given the generally negative mood in today's market, but it is understandable."

"The Enova business model gives people something to be hopeful about. 

"They can see real benefits for themselves, for their Northern Rivers communities and for the wider environment. 

"The real surprise is the strength of support we are getting across all sections of the community and from people in all walks of life."

Enova is a unique opportunity for local people and organisations to own their own energy company. 

Their Offer launch has gone well, and now they're extending it, Ms Crook said.  

The extended offer will close at 5pm AEST on November 27.

Enova Energy is confident it has the capacity to be a real game changer in the renewable energy sector, Ms Crook said. 

"We are the missing piece in the puzzle," she said.  

"Apart from changing things in this region, we can help other communities get their renewable generation projects off the ground. 

"Communities all around Australia are looking for practical leadership. 

"We are already receiving calls for help from groups wanting to know how they can do what we are doing. 

"In the very near future, when we are fully operational, we will be in a position to give them all the assistance they need. 

"After that, it won't be long before similar projects are up and running in all Australian states. Change is on the way."

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