Finn Campbell eating a refreshing mango.
Finn Campbell eating a refreshing mango. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Enjoy the hot weather, but cover up

THE Bureau of Meteorology says ultra violet (UV) radiation levels on the Northern Rivers have been extreme for weeks and are expected continue.

High UV levels are forecast for the entire region for the next seven days.

The first days of summer have seen high temperatures recorded across the region, with Casino reaching over 36 degrees on Saturday and 36.3 degrees at 3.33pm yesterday.

And with more hot weather on the way UV levels will remain high.

Beach goers and out-door lovers are warned that UV radiation can damage the skin and the eyes, with white sand reflecting up to 50% of UV light.

For today, The Bureau recommends Lismore residents to protect from sun exposure between 8.30am and 4.50pm.

The same advice applies for locals and tourists enjoying the beachfront between 8.30am and 4.40pm.

The Northern Rivers branch of the NSW Cancer Council community programs coordinator, Rhian Paton-Kelly, said the Far North Coast had a high incidence of melanoma within our population.

"The Cancer institute put out an assessment of melanoma incidence across NSW and the Far North Coast has six of the top locations for red zones," she said.

"In the Far North Coast, there are approximately 235 people a year diagnosed with melanoma, and around 31 of those will lose their lives to melanoma."

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jake Phillips, said cooler temperatures were expected today with temperatures soaring back into the mid to high 30s tomorrow.

"It will be felt with less intensity as the humidity will be much lower," he said.

"There is always potential for some really hot days, but from Wednesday to Friday, we expect cooler conditions that we have seen for the last week", he added.

The long-term outlook suggests a high chance of rain on December 10 and 11 for Lismore, Casino and Byron Bay.



  • Ballina: 30 today and 32 tomorrow.
  • Cape Byron: 28 today and 30 tomorrow.
  • Casino: 35 today and 38 tomorrow.
  • Evans Head: 31 today and 33 tomorrow.
  • Lismore airport: 32 today and 35 tomorrow.


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