Enjoy live Sydney theatre close to home in Byron B

Sydney Theatre Company is offering a select group of regional cinemagoers the exciting prospect of enjoying a live performance of one of their current productions, The White Guard, live via satellite.

Using a number of discreetly located digital cameras, the performance will be streamed from the theatre to an outside broadcast van and then to satellite dishes atop each participating cinema and on to the big screen.

Patrons who have marvelled at the extraordinary quality of the vision and sound from the opera and theatre productions have commented on the added benefits of watching actors’ faces up close and personal, in a venue where there are no bad seats or impaired sightlines.

The White Guard stars Miranda Otto, Jonathan Biggins, Patrick Brammall, and Darren Gilshenan. It is a lively and robust family saga set in 1918 Russia.

The chaotic Turbin household is presided over by the colourful and exuberant Lena, a woman caught between her husband’s wishes to flee Kiev before the advancing Red Army, and her brothers, members of the White Guard who have sworn to defend their city.

The Turbin family and its numerous hangers-on eat, sing, squabble, fall in love and quaff copious amounts of alcohol as they await the arrival of the Bolsheviks.

Family dynamics, the futility of war, the foibles of the heart and the great advantages of vodka are all boisterously examined in this large-scale production that is funny and moving in turn.

The production was adapted by STC’s co-artistic director Andrew Upton from the original play by the acclaimed 20th century Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov. Upton and his wife, co-artistic director Cate Blanchett, will be introducing this exciting initiative by the STC before the performance.

Recent STC productions include the hugely successful Uncle Vanya, adapted by Upton and featuring Blanchett alongside Richard Roxburgh, Hugo Weaving and Jacki Weaver; an award-winning touring production of A Streetcar Named Desire; and the transformation of the company’s historic, heritage-listed home into a green technology and best-practice showcase.

The White Guard will be screening once only at just four cinemas Australia wide – in Tasmania, South Australia and Brisbane as well as Dendy Byron Bay, on Thursday, July 7, at 7.45pm.

Info: 6680 8555.


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