End in sight for our Slim Chance weight loss challengers

WE'VE officially hit the two-thirds mark of the 12-week Your Slim Chance weight loss challenge.

The end is in sight, but it's easy to get disillusioned as the body starts wanting to hang onto that weight.

Our four contestants have done remarkably well to get as far as they have.

Casino mother of three Cristy Handcock said the school holidays had made the temptation for snack food hard to resist.

"I haven't lost anything this week but I haven't put on any so that's a bonus," she said.

"I've been trying not to pig out on junk food, it's been a bit hard during the school holidays."

So far, Cristy has lost about 10kg.

Greg Holland, 51, from Goonellabah said he'd managed to lose about 1.5kg this week, bringing his total to about 9kg.

He said he's been "doing a bit extra" at the gym, with a focus on cardio.

"(I've learnt) you've just got to push yourself," he said. "I've also been watching what I eat. I've been pretty strict with that."

Donna Connolly, 42, of Rock Valley, said she was still "dealing with the plateau".

"Gavin (Tierney, weight loss consultant) writes about it in his book. It is a normal part of the process," she said.

"It is the body's way of creating an equilibrium or balance, but it is very frustrating, as I have upped the ante on the exercise and been more mindful of the food intake.

"Overall, I am stoked with the centimetres lost, and my body is toning up with clothes getting looser.

"I'm really trying to focus on that, and making sure that I break the weight barrier and continue in the right direction."


The more energy you exert, the more you'll have: It may sound like an oxymoron, but it's definitely true. Think of all the exercise nuts you know, that are always bouncing around, bursting with energy. That's because exercise lifts the heart rate, gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins which lift your mood, give you more energy and sharper focus.

Fill up on water: Your body's made up of about 70% of it and by filling up on water, you'll avoid over-eating and craving naughty food. By switching sugary soft drinks and coffee for H2O, you're also cutting down your calorie intake.

Plan your meals: When you put off making meal choices until you're hungry, you're much more likely to opt for something calorie rich and quickly processed into energy like fat, carbs and sugar. But if you plan your meals before the weekly grocery shop, pack your lunch the night before, you're far more likely to stick to your diet. There's also the added motivation of not wanting to waste pre-prepared food.

Make it a habit: When exercising in the morning, never let yourself use sore, tired or cold as an excuse. They're excuses that can be applied every day of the week and you might as well cancel your gym membership. Instead, make getting up and going to the gym a regular habit so it becomes easier and you find a comfortable routine.

The 70/30 rule: You may feel like you've 'earned' that chocolate bar after all the exercise you did this morning, but the rule with weight loss is 70/30. That is, 70% of weight loss is about what you eat and only 30% is how you exercise. You still need to do both, but that chocolate bar counts for more than you might think.

Your Slim Chance is sponsored by Anytime Fitness Lismore, Shop 8-11, Goonellabah Shopping Centre, phone 6624 5678 and Gavin Tierney of the Right Weigh, or phone him on 0431 191 975.

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