SMART AND SASSY: El Vez is in the line up to play the Byron Bay Falls Festival.
SMART AND SASSY: El Vez is in the line up to play the Byron Bay Falls Festival. Contributed

Elvis and beyond. Ole!

JUMPSUIT, combed hair, high-heeled boots and an attitude to match, New Year's Eve at Falls Festival Byron Bay will feature El Vez, a Mexican Elvis Presley impersonator and so much more.

Robert Lopez, better known as El Vez, is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter and musician who performs and records original material and covers classic rock songs.

Mixing the styles of Elvis Presley and many other American rock artists with his own Latin-American heritage and music, he is known for expressing revolutionary views through the satire and humour in his songs.

Lopez's main persona and style is very similar to that of Elvis Presley, as his stage name suggests.

However, he is not just an Elvis impersonator. On his recordings and in his live show, he covers many non-Mexican artists, such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, T. Rex, Queen and the Beatles.

Speaking from the US, Robert Lopez promised a big show for his Falls gig - his third time in Australia in the past two years.

"It's a tough job but someone has to do it," he said of impersonating Elvis.

"I can still do the splits, I fit in the jumpsuits and I can still do the costume changes," he said.

The artist said his Byron Bay show would be a mix of his greatest hits plus some political satire around the upcoming 2016 American presidential election.

"It will be a very smart, sexy, politically-aware show about immigration and religious rights, that you can dance to."

Lopez said there was social commentary in his shows because it touched everyone.

"Elvis was an international phenomenon and he spoke about social issues," he said.

"Immigration is a global topic. When I'm in the USA I speak about the Mexicans, but in Europe I talk about the Turkish and Indian immigrants getting into Germany. People should be able to be proud of who they are, whether they are Mexican, Syrian, gay or straight, man or woman."

At the Valley Stage, Falls Festival, on Thursday, December 31, from 3.20pm. For details visit

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