Elliot outspends Hogan but pales in comparison to Barnaby

FEDERAL member for Richmond Justine Elliot outspent her Page counterpart Kevin Hogan by more than $18,000 in the first six months of 2015.

But the spending by both of the Northern Rivers MP's on political expenses of $221,540.25 and $203,347.63 respectively, paled in comparison to the $1,073,991.45 Member for New England and Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce racked up.

In the first six months of 2015, Federal politicians claimed almost $48 million in expenses.

The difference in expenses claimed by Ms Elliot and Mr Hogan can be attributed to office costs.

Expenditure on office administration and office facilities for Mr Hogan in the six months to June 30 was $153,305.62.

In comparison, Ms Elliot spent about $23,000 more, costing taxpayers $176,523.66.

Neither Northern Rivers Federal MP came close to matching Barnaby Joyce's more than $670,000 on an office fitout.

Car costs for Mr Hogan of $15,091.17 were slightly more expensive than Ms Elliot's $13,973.57.

Ms Elliot spent slightly more than Mr Hogan on communications, costing taxpayers $8620.22 compared to $7907.70.

There was less than $1000 difference between what both MP's spent on travel with Mr Hogan claiming $12,507 and Ms Elliot claiming $11,653.

Former Member for Page Janelle Saffin also popped up in the MP's expenditure list, claiming $135.29 on office administration costs.


Kevin Hogan $203,347.63

Office administration - $79,087.81

Office facilities - $74,217.81

Car costs - $15,091.17

Travelling allowance - $12,507

Domestic scheduled fares - $12,414.89

Telecommunications - $7907.70

Family travel costs - $2121.25


Justine Elliot $221,540.25

Office administration - $96,157.82

Office facilities - $80, 374.84

Car costs - $13,973.57

Travelling allowance - $ 11,653

Domestic scheduled fares - $10,760.80

Telecommunications - $8,620.22

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