Election funding increase despite shelving of bipartisan bill

DESPITE dropping the political hot potato of the bipartisan campaign funding bill, the major parties will still get more than 17 cents extra per primary vote at the September election than they did in 2010.

Thanks to the six-monthly indexation of election campaign funding, taxpayers will cough up an extra $3.72 million in funding for those candidates who secure at least 4% of the primary vote.

While it was not quite the $58 million windfall that would have come with $1 per vote, it was a 7% rise in election funding, to $58 million up from $53 million in 2010.

The six-monthly indexed payment comes after more than 10% growth between the 2007 and 2010 elections, equating to nearly $10 million in extra taxpayers funds since the $49 million paid out after the 2007 election.

As part of the update, the electoral commission also confirmed a rise in the political donations disclosure threshold, up to $12,400 from $12,100 to July this year.

The rise in the threshold means all donations under $12,400 provided in the lead up to the 2013 election will not have to be reported.

That increase also comes after twice-yearly rises in the threshold, which grew nearly $2000 in reportable donations since the 2007 election, when the threshold was set at $10,500.

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