ALL CHANGE: The XPT arrives in Casino.
ALL CHANGE: The XPT arrives in Casino. The Northern Star

New deep-of-night train timetable creates safety concerns

TRAIN travellers on the North Coast wanting to travel to Brisbane will have to get up even earlier after October 20.

Trainlink will introduce new timetables next month to 'make services more consistent and journeys easier to plan', according to the NSW Trainlink website.

For North Coast travellers that will mean a journey starting from Casino at 2.19am and arriving in Brisbane at 4.53am rather than the existing setup of leaving Casino at 3.55am and arriving in Brisbane at 6.30am.

Transport development officer for the Northern Rivers Social Development Council Linda Wirf has some strong concerns regarding the timetable changes.

"People are having to travel in the early hours of the morning which creates a huge safety issue," she said.

"Countrylink would be open but there wouldn't be normal safety provisions."

Ms Wirf said it was also a concern for people just getting to the train station at Casino or Kyogle.

"There are no Countrylink buses at that hour of the morning so people will have to drive there and there's nowhere safe to leave your car," she said.

"Not taking into account that many people wouldn't have cars which is why they are taking the train in the first place."

Ms Wirf said then there was the problem of arriving in Brisbane just before 5am.

"Nothing is open and if the weather is bad, there is no shelter at the Countrylink station which would be very difficult for elderly people travelling to Brisbane for medical treatment," she said.

"At least with the old timetable, cafes would be open where they could go and get breakfast."

A Transport for NSW spokesman said service times of the Brisbane to Sydney XPT had changed as a result of the Queensland Government's Brisbane Inner Rail Solution.


  • Casino 3.55am
  • Kyogle 4.22am
  • Brisbane 6.30am


  • Casino 2.19am
  • Kyogle 2.46am
  • Brisbane 4.53am

For more details, including information about trains between the North Coast and Sydney and, check out the new timetable or phone 13 22 32.

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