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HAVING a senior spokesperson for NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca stand up and say cutting 400 jobs from our region’s health service would actually be a good thing, by enabling our hospitals to treat more patients, must have left a lot of people gob smacked.

How could any ‘intelligent’ minister try to justify the slashing of 400 jobs in a health service already on record as being completely understaffed and under-resourced, by saying it is ‘necessary’ to cope with Australia’s growing and ageing population?

And when giving examples of how these savings would get hospitals to do things differently – including ‘keeping patients in for shorter periods of time’ (maybe he means one hour as opposed to one day) – and using less invasive surgical techniques such as keyhole surgery (this would be great for cesareans or open-heart surgery) – he must think we are a bunch of no-brained losers.

It is a huge ask of North Coast Area Health Service boss Chris Crawford to come up with $200 million worth of cutbacks, and I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. It is a lousy thing to have to do, especially in this economic climate and coming up to Christmas. Health staff will be concerned about losing their jobs, and patients will be worried about their health care in the coming months.

This State Government has shown it couldn’t care less for the needs of its constituents or its employees. Premier Rees and his cohorts are an absolute disgrace and the sooner they are gone, the better.

The election may be two years away but this region will not forget and forgive.

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