"It can only be hope this day is also a pivotal turning point in our nation's history." Michael Doyle

EDITORIAL: Why this Anzac Day must be turning point

TODAY is a day school children will read about in books for many generations to come.    

It can only be hoped it also acts as a pivotal turning point in this nation's history.

No-one who went through or grew up hearing about wars and the depression could have ever imagined we would again see lock-downs, lines outside supermarkets for essentials and an economic collapse of that magnitude.

Still, while we are certainly living through strange and in some cases, desperately sad times, we can be thankful that in this country we are not living in war time.

We can be thankful that one of the reasons government enforced isolation and draconian restrictions have taken so much getting used to is because it is all so alien to our free way of life.

This pandemic has taken away so much and it threatened to take away one of the most Australian things we do.

But as dawn breaks people all over the Fraser Coast and the nation remind us that the Anzac spirit is still alive.

As we reflect on this most sacred of days we must also reflect on what we have allowed to happen on our watch and the vulnerabilities this crisis has exposed.

When we promise to never forget the sacrifice we must realise our pledge needs to go further if we are to truly never again take for granted this freedom that was fought for.

We will stop selling off our nation to and relying so heavily on a country controlled by a regime which rejects that freedom.

We will look to our manufacturing past, gather the same skilled troops who built the world's best warships and begin to build a future with new vision.

We will take better care of our elderly and each other.

We will realise family truly is what matters most.

We will remember.

But we will do more than that.

We will learn.

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