East Coast Low sweeps in late

THERE'S been yet another ECL-style system sweep past our region this week.

Normally, we'd expect these systems in early winter. But these days when it comes to what's normal and what's not, with the weather at least, it seems all bets are off.

The latest system whipped up some fairly solid seas from the straight south. In other words, fairly solid, but mid-period wind swell.

There's been plenty of this swell out in deep water. But how much of it made it in close was fairly dependent on the geography of our coastline.

The northern facing beaches missed the vast majority. While the eastern and southern facing beaches were pretty much maxed out.

How much of this swell will hang around until the weekend is a different matter. The greater body of wind swell will have already moved on. But it's a short-lived storm surf at best.

What may interest us all a little more is that there has been a slowly building trend in a primary east swell that has been hidden beneath the larger southerly seas. It may begin pushing a few more lines in our direction as the weekend unfolds.

Sadly, it's likely to be fairly short period swell all weekend. But short period swell is still far better than no swell at all.

The biggest issue this weekend is most likely going to be the wind. On Saturday morning, we could see a brief offshore window that would open up more options. Saturday morning will offer more chance of scoring a few less crowded slides.

But by lunchtime the onshore south easterlies will probably arrive. This onshore blow will flow most of the weekend through. Once this happens, then the crowds will become concentrated at the northern facing corners. Which usually means smaller waves and bigger crowds.

So if you're looking to avoid frustration, get out on the hunt early on Saturday. There may be a brief offshore window around dawn on Sunday.

The Sunday session is looking less likely to pay as the swell period will be reducing overnight from (10-11secs) on Saturday, down to around (7-9secs) on Sunday.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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